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Clinics in Ankara Turkey


a relatively quiet capital!

    The city of Ankara is the administrative and political capital of Turkey, but what is surprising is that it is relatively less stressful than its big sister Istanbul. This beautiful city is located in Central Anatolia and it is the first president of modern Turkey in this case Kemal Atat ü rk, who chose Ankara as its capital in 1923.

  &Nbsp; This sumptuous capital is only one; 55 minutes flight from Istanbul and ” only 25 euros return, and remains the same as the second most visited city in Turkey.Its more peaceful environment, rich in historical heritage and hospitals à the tip of the world's latest medical discoveries, makes it difficult to decompose compared to other countries that often are less attractive to the patient abroad.

The people of Ankara are so warm that you will feel a comfort during your convalescence away from your loved ones. You will fall in love with this city and its culture, and we bet you that you will return one day!


The expertise of Turkish Doctors at the service of your health.


  &Nbsp;   Ankara offers a good choice of clinics in   international standing &&agr; prices more accessible than in Europe like France or Spain,

  &Nbsp; Doctors and surgeons in Turkey have an unequaled expertise in relation to their colleagues to other countries, simply and easily; For example, when a French surgeon performs 50 procedures a year, the Turkish surgeon makes 250 grams per year. the strong demand for global care to Turkey   and auotmatically a   expertise very sought after in its specialty.          


Last update : 28/01/2020
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