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Ankara in Turkey is indeed the administrative and political capital of Turkey, but what is surprising is that it is relatively less stressful than its big sister ​Istanbul​. This beautiful city is located in Central Anatolia. The first president of modern Turkey is Kemal Atatürk, who chose Ankara as the capital in 1923.

This magnificent capital is only 55 minutes flight from Istanbul and the round trip only costs 25 euros. It even remains the second most visited city in Turkey. This city is characterized by the peacefulness of its environment and the richness of historical heritages and the best hospital in Ankara that are at the forefront of the latest medical discoveries in the world. As a result, all these features make it difficult to turn away to other countries that are often less attractive to the foreign patient.

Residents of Ankara are so warm that you will feel comfortable during your convalescence away from your loved ones. You will surely fall in love with this city and its culture, and we bet that you will return one day!


The Expertise of Turkish Doctors at the best hospitals!

The best hospital in Ankara and clinics offer a good choice of services and more affordable prices than in Europe like France or Spain.

Doctors and surgeons in Turkey have unparalleled expertise compared to their colleagues in other countries, for example, when a French surgeon performs 50 procedures a year , the Turkish surgeon makes 250 thanks to the strong demand for global care in the clinics of Turkey and the acquired expertise that is sought in his/her speciality.

The perfect tourist destination in Turkey

If you are searching for a destination that possesses a number of cultural wonders, best hospitals in Ankara will be the best option for you. You will be able to explore the museums that embody the past and discover our present through attending our festivals and tasting our food.

You can visit the mausoleum of Atatürk, the temple of Augustus, and the column of Julian which are the main landmarks of this city.

Added to that, you can examine another aspect of this capital through discovering the Turkish cuisine.

A variety of festivals are available in order to entertain our guests such as Ankara International Film Festival and the International Cartoon Festival. Our comfortable and clean hotels contain all the necessary equipment that you may require. Besides, do not hesitate to ask for the help of our employees who speak multiple languages.

The best clinics are provided by Turquie Santé

Ankara best hospitals and clinics are equipped with the most modern devices. Our doctors strive to provide you with the best services.
Aesthetic surgery is essential to schedule a visit. Find the closest office by asking our customer service directly.
All Aesthetic Surgery interventions are guaranteed by our team of aesthetic surgeons who have been reporting for years, with thousands of success stories.
In addition to ensuring maximum safety, we are able to meet any type of economic property requirement, our costs are much lower than the individual professional who must make use of external health facilities.

The best cosmetic surgeon 

Our face is the mirror of our physical and spiritual well-being. The tiredness and the stress lead to visible blemishes that affect our well-being.

The collaboration of specialist doctors and nutrition professionals can help alleviate those small problems, but above all make you feel more comfortable with your true self and the image you have of yourself.

The cosmetic surgeons offer the patient different options based on their individual needs and expectations. The collaboration and the communication are very important to understand and interpret the needs in compliance with the standards of beauty. From the first meeting, we analyze together the best type of treatment through assessing the risks and benefits.

Our team of specialists will guide you towards the best path to regain the well-being and beauty of your face both with aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Our mission is to take care of people who go through a delicate phase in their life and welcome them in comfortable and safe facilities where they can receive high quality health care and at the same time help them find the warmth of their home.

In the hospitals and clinics of Turquie Santé, we strive every day to ensure that patients feel protected, serene, cared for with kindness and professionalism. 



Last update : 30/11/2023

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