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The eyelash is an element of seduction that helps and participates in the expression of the face. It is a means of seduction for women and men alike. However, its function goes beyond aesthetics because eyelashes help protect the eye from external hazards.

What is the eyelash Transplant?

Like an eyebrow transplant and hair transplant, the eyelash transplant in Turkey consists of taking hair follicles from one rich part of the body to implant them in the zone that has no hair.

Why is it done?

The eyelash transplant or the eyelash implant in Turkey and Istanbul gives us a new look and it is considered as an enormously elegant improvement.

Not only do people who want to have an attractive look with eyelash implants, other people do it because they have eyelash loss problems because of many reasons like genetic causes, stress, and the use of extensions which deplete the eyelashes and stop their development.

Eyelash transplant in Turkey: Information to know about this intervention

Eyelash transplant is an extremely sensitive operation. That's why, Turquie santé will put you in direct contact with the most skillful surgeons who perform many successful interventions in Istanbul, Izmir, Turkey, Ankara, or Antalya.

What is the price of eyelash implant with Turquie santé?

You can request your personalized quote to have an eyelash implant by sending your request. Our partner hospitals will answer you as soon as possible and you will benefit from attractive discounts.

Turquie santé promises to provide you with the cheapest costs for your medical stay in Turkey, Izmir, Istanbul, Antalya, and Ankara.

What are the precautions that should be applied before the surgery?

Your doctor will ask you several questions about your health and medical history.

You need to do a checkup to find out if you are able to undergo this kind of operation and you have to quit smoking.

What are the steps of the intervention?

The eyelashes are implanted only at the level of the upper eyelid for reasons of caution.

The surgeon must isolate the eyelash with a minimum of tissue, thread it on a half circle needles, and then place it at the eyelid during an incision following the same direction of the original eyelashes.

To have the expected results, a single session of eyelash implant is sufficient.

Recovery after the operation

You have to take care of yourself after surgery by avoiding stress and taking certain medications after the intervention, such as:

  • Pain reliever.

  • Antibiotics to decrease the risk of infection.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling.

After three months, you will notice impressive results.

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