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Laser tattoo removal Turkey Istanbul

Today, tattooing is requested by a large number of people around the world (women, men, young people, the least young ...). At the same time, claims for tattoo removal are increasing, especially in recent years, and the reasons differ from one person to another. Unlike tattooing, tattoo removal is not a simple matter because it requires a lot of time, money and perhaps more pain in many cases. Thus, the laser is the most effective technique and guaranteed to have the desired results.

Laser tattoo removal in Turkey and Istanbul: how does it go?

Laser tattoo removal is a method employed by dermatologists to definitively remove a tattoo. The operating principle is to use the activated laser (Q-Switched) that enters the epidermis and targets the tattoo. In fact, the laser beam acts like a shock wave and explodes the tattoo colors into microparticles that will be subsequently destroyed by the body's immune system.

Once the tattoo removal decision is made, first of all, we assist you to make an appointment with an expert dermatologist in Turkey & Istanbul. The latter will be the one who decide the number of sessions necessary to eliminate definitely the tattoo.

This number of sessions is decided according to several factors such as the color of the tattoo, the size, and the density of the ink. For a professional tattoo, it takes from 6 to 15 sessions, while for an amateur tattoo 4 or 5 sessions are largely sufficient. Two months of rest are required after each session.

The necessary care after laser tattoo removal:

To ensure successful treatment, some tips to consider before and after tattoo removal:


• Quit smoking, tobacco acts very badly on the skin and reduces the chances of the mission’s success.

• To drink a lot of water.

• Apply anesthetic cream to reduce pain.


• Antibiotic and moisturizing cream should be applied directly to the treated area.

• Avoid exposure to the sun, tanning is forbidden.

• Keep the treated area clean.

• Respect the waiting time between sessions

Low cost laser tattoo removal price in Turkey and Istanbul

Factors such as the kind and the extent of the tattoo as well as the expertise of the aesthetic surgeon will determine the price.

Turquie santé will offer you the best tattoo removal with the cheapest prices.


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