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Nose reconstruction surgery (rhinopoiesis) in Turkey, cost of Istanbul Clinics

The skin of the nose presents a very high risk of the appearance of epitheliomas (malignant skin tumors),generally with basal cell histology, in connection with constant exposure to UV rays.

Both in the aesthetic and reconstructive fields, the anatomical complexity of the nose requires complete anatomical and physiological knowledge of the region.

Techniques of nose reconstruction surgery in Turkey are varied and often tailor-made taking into account the type of lesion to be treated (extension, location, compromised structures)

Who is this procedure for?

People with an amputated nose due to a:

  • Trauma
  • Tumor
  • Birth defect
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 2 h and 4 h

Nose reconstruction surgery: Cost of the best surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey

For a nose reconstruction, the aesthetic and functional requirements must be very high. It is necessary to perform nasal reconstructions that are close to normal, which is possible thanks to the latest technical advances in Turkey.

Patients who have undergone rhinopoiesis in Istanbul Turkey are operated on by highly specialized surgeons with comprehensive knowledge of the technical indications, a mastery confirmed by experience, and a developed artistic sense.

The cost of the reconstruction varies according to the complexity of the case

After a free consultation with the best and most renowned plastic surgeons in Turkey and the world, we will provide you with a free estimate.

Turquie santé guarantees that your operation will be carried out under the best conditions and at the best prices.

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Joint Commission International
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
ISO 9001:2008

What is nose reconstruction surgery?

Nose reconstruction surgery or rhinopoiesis is a reconstruction of an amputated or destroyed nose using the patient's skin texture. This procedure is performed following a loss of nasal substance either in the lining (the mucosal plane),the cartilage framework, or in the external skin of the nose.

Causes of a nasal reconstruction

There are several causes for a loss of nasal substance, such as cancer, trauma, fracture, the collapse of the nasal septum, removal, or deterioration. In these cases, rhinopoiesis is mandatory to restore the patient's normal appearance.

The pre-operative phase of a rhinopoiesis

Opting for a nose reconstruction surgery in our partner clinics in Turkey requires the consideration of three basic principles:

  • The first principle is to diagnose the loss of substance, the depth, extent, and topography of which must be taken into account.
  • The second is to replace each tissue with its best equivalent in terms of coloring, thickness, and texture (flexibility and strength).
  • The third is to respect the aesthetic subunits.

In some cases, a preoperative assessment is essential before proceeding with rhinopoiesis. This workup may include an ultrasound-doppler, ENT imaging and chest CT scan, and a consultation report with an anesthesiologist.   

Rhinopoiesis techniques in Turkey

Nose reconstruction surgery encompasses countless situations and involves a wide variety of repair techniques depending on the etiology (tumor, trauma, malformation),age, gender, associated pathologies, location, and the extent and depth of the loss of substance.

Depending on the topography of the loss of substance and whether it is superficial or penetrating, one or another selection of techniques will be chosen.

Reconstruction by flap

  • The scalp flap technique (forehead or Indian flap): It consists of reconstructing the entire surface of the nose from the skin of the forehead and turning it around by a fragment of a blood vessel located above the ear or between the eyes. A graft taken from the thighs will subsequently replace the part removed from the forehead.
  • The nasolabial flap technique: It is used to reconstruct the wings of the nose, of which a transfer of the skin from the fold that extends from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth is established to restore the loss.
  • Remote flap technique: A fragment of skin detached from the inner aspect of the forearm is applied to the location of the nose.

Reconstruction by microsurgery

This technique consists of the pre-construction of the nose on the forearm to be transported then to the recipient's vessels on the face of the temple or neck through a fragment of the radial artery.

Success factors for rhinopoiesis

To have optimal results on the morphological and aesthetic side, several criteria must be considered:

  • A sufficient amount of the patient's tissue must be brought in to perform the reconstruction.
  • The technique must be reliable on the vascular side.
  • A small thickness of tissue must be applied to avoid stenosis of the nose and nostrils.

Disadvantages of Rhinopoiesis

Our cosmetic surgeons in Turkey are always trying to develop more and more advanced techniques for nose reconstruction surgery. This is to satisfy the various needs of the patients by guaranteeing a new appearance of the nose close to the initial image before the amputation.

Nevertheless, variations may occur in shape, volume, and rigidity. As a result, scars may remain visible for a long period, requiring follow-up therapy.

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