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Aquafilling (Aquafiller) in Turkey | Indications & competitive prices

Enhance your body with Aquafilling, a revolutionary injection technique using a biocompatible water-based gel. This gel, which is perfectly tolerated by the human body, delivers natural, long-lasting results for a silhouette sculpted to your liking.

Opt for the expertise of Turquie Santé and benefit from a rigorous selection of the best clinics specializing in Aquafilling in Turkey.

Who is this procedure for?
  • People who want to give more volume in different areas of the body
  • People wishing to perform volumetric filling on the face
Alternative treatments
Recovery time
  • 1 day after surgery
  • Final result observed on day 7

Verified reviews of our patients

Aquafilling in Turkey: Best specialists & prices

Aquafilling is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure performed in our clinics in Turkey by experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeons. This aesthetic treatment has demonstrated high performance according to the certified opinions of our patients. This is reflected in its natural appearance and long-lasting effect.

The price of Aquafilling at our clinics in Turkey varies depending on the area to be treated.

You can opt for a free online consultation with one of our most experienced surgeons and determine the aesthetic treatment best suited to your needs.

Turquie Santé is here to help you plan your medical stay in Turkey. A multilingual team is at your disposal to provide you with the best possible assistance.

Best Clinics with Verified Reviews

  • Member of the American Hospital Association (AHA)
  • Capacity of 230 beds
  • The best hospital in Ankara
Joint Commission International
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
ISO 9001:2008

  • Multispecialized hospital
  • Hospital founded in 2007
  • Very good reputation in ENT department
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
ISO 9001:2008

MEMORIAL Şişli cheap price Aquafilling 2
  • Grand Hospital founded in 1999
  • 200 Beds
  • 53,000 square meters


Joint Commission International
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
ISO 9001:2008

What is Aquafilling bodyline?

Aquafilling Bodyline is an innovative body contouring technique that uses a biocompatible injectable gel to shape and add volume to different body areas.

The injectable gel is hydrophilic and consists of 97-98% saline, 0.9% sodium chloride, and 2-3% polyamide.

Aquafilling Bodyline is particulary effective for breast and buttock augmentation, as well as for correcting soft tissue defects.

Indications for Aquafilling bodyline

Aquafilling offers a simple and effective solution for achieving your desired body shape. It is recommended for specific candidates by plastic surgeons in Turkey for the following purposes:

  • Enhancing breast volume and shape: Corrects underdeveloped, asymmetrical, or slightly sagging breasts.
  • Treating breast soft tissue defects: Addresses skin imperfections like stretch marks or scars.
  • Contouring the buttocks: Increases buttock volume, corrects asymmetry, or treats irregularities after previous surgeries.
  • Correcting soft tissue defects in various areas: Aquafilling can improve skin imperfections in other body areas, such as the thighs or arms, following liposuction.

The course of Aquafiller in Turkey

Aquafilling Bodyline is injected into the soft tissue using a grafting needle or cannula according to recommended techniques. This minimally invasive procedure is performed under local anesthesia with 0.25% lidocaine hydrochloride solution, which can cause minimal trauma to the patient. The procedure does not leave scars or incisions. 

Generally, the procedure does not require hospitalization and the patient can return home the same day. The patient can resume normal activities the following day. The postoperative course is painless and positive.

The final aesthetic result can be seen on the seventh day after the procedure (when all effects of small traumatic edema have disappeared and the local anesthetic solution has been properly absorbed).

Contraindications and dangers of Aquafiller

Please be aware of the following important information: Aquafilling bodyline is not suitable for individuals with certain chronic conditions, including:

  • Blood coagulation problems.
  • Menstrual irregularities.
  • Severe general somatic diseases and tumors.
  • Drug intolerance or allergies.
  • Skin infections or inflammatory diseases.
  • Acute contagious diseases.

Only a physician can determine whether the desired results can be achieved based on the patient's anatomical particularities. Indeed, the patient plays a key role in choosing the appropriate soft tissue correction technique.

Aquafilling Faceline in Turkey

Aquafilling Faceline is a hydrophilic gel used for facial injections and plastic surgery. This gel not only reduces wrinkles and adds volume, but also has the unique ability to create the skin matrix and provide a face lift, resulting in a natural aesthetic effect on the soft tissues.

Aquafilling Faceline in Turkey is recommended for the following cases:

  • Laxity of the facial skin matrix.
  • Loss of skin elasticity.
  • Reduced collagen production.
  • Depression of facial landmarks.
  • Severe ptosis of the central part of the face.
  • Lower face sagging.
  • Wrinkles on the cheekbones and near the ears.
  • Lowering of the allochthonous eyelid margin.

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