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Aquafilling in Turkey, Reviews and Prices of Clinics in Istanbul & Antalya

Aquafilling is an aesthetic procedure that consists of an aquatic filling applied to the body by injection. It is a filler that is highly compatible with human tissues and retains a long-lasting effect.

Aquafilling substance is a form of water crystals that does not harm the body.

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Aquafilling Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People who want to give more volume in different areas of the body
  • People wishing to perform volumetric filling on the face
Alternative treatments
Recovery time
  • 1 day after surgery
  • Final result observed on day 7

Aquafilling bodyline is a volumizing filler to be applied for plastic surgery and body remodeling (breast and buttock augmentation, correction of soft tissue defects).

It is an injectable hydrophilic gel composed of 97 to 98% saline solution, 0.9% sodium chloride, and 2 to 3% polyamide.

The right candidate for an Aqua Filler

Aquafilling bodyline is indicated by a plastic surgeon for applications in the following cases:

  • Improve the volume and shape of the breasts in conditions of involutive changes of the mammary gland, accompanied by ptosis type 1
  • Breast soft tissue asymmetry
  • Correction of soft tissue defects in the breast
  • Correction of the shape and volume of the soft tissues of the buttocks
  • Various irregularities of the buttocks, postoperative deformities
  • Congenital disproportions of the buttocks, asymmetry of the buttocks
  • "Thin" buttocks
  • Correction of soft tissue defects of different etiology after liposuction.

The course of treatment in the best clinics in Antalya Turkey

Aquafilling bodyline is injected into the soft tissues, according to approved techniques, with a needle or a graft cannula. This minimally invasive surgery is performed under local anesthesia with a 0.25% lidocaine hydrochloride solution, which involves minimal trauma for a patient: no scar, no scar tissue, no incision. Generally speaking, this procedure does not require hospitalization and the patient can go home the same day after the surgery.

The day after surgery, you can resume your normal life. The postoperative course is painless and positive.

The final aesthetic result can be observed on the seventh day after surgery (when all the effects of the small traumatic edema disappear and after the absorption of the local anesthetic solution).

Aquafilling bodyline: What are the contraindications and the dangers?

Aquafilling bodyline poses a danger to many people with certain diseases. Indeed, this minimally invasive treatment should not be applied in patients with blood clotting problems, menstrual abnormalities, severe general somatic diseases, tumors, drug intolerance or allergy, skin infection or disease, inflammation, and finally in the case of acute contagious diseases

Only a doctor can determine whether it is possible to achieve a desirable effect, based on the anatomical peculiarities of the patient. The patient can choose the soft tissue correction technique.

Aquafilling face line for a facelift in Turkey

Aquafilling face line is a hydrophilic gel, applied for facial injections and facial plastic surgery. It is an injectable hydrophilic gel and the only filler which, in addition to reducing wrinkles and volumetric filling, has the exclusive property of creating the skin matrix and face lifting. Thus, it gives the soft tissues a natural aesthetic effect. This effect and lasting results (more than 2 years) are obtained thanks to the application of the patented method of Aquafilling Carcasse.

In Turkey, Aquafilling Carcasse is recommended for applications in the following cases:

  • Flaccidity of the skin matrix of the face
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Reduced collagen production
  • Depression of facial landmarks
  • Severe ptosis of the central part of the face
  • Lowering of the lower part of the face
  • Wrinkles on the cheekbones and near the ears
  • Lowering of the allochthonous edge of the eyelid.

Aquafilling in Istanbul Turkey: Reviews and Prices of the Best Surgeons

Aquafilling is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure performed in Istanbul & Antalya Turkey by experienced and highly skilled plastic surgeons. This aesthetic treatment has shown great performance according to the certified reviews of our patients. This results in its natural look and long-lasting effect.

The price of an Aquafilling application in our clinics in Istanbul, Turkey varies according to the method adopted as well as the case of the patient.

You can opt for a free online consultation with one of our most experienced surgeons and determine the Aquafilling treatment best suited to your needs.

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