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Reduction of the clitoris hood in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

As part of female intimate surgery, reduction of clitoris hood in Turkey is a highly performed procedure. It is designed to further stimulate female pleasure through clitoral stimulation to achieve clitoral orgasm. It also serves the aesthetic purpose of improving the appearance of the vulva, which in some cases is covered with an unsightly enlarged clitoral hood.

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Reduction of the clitoris hood Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • Women who have a visible clitoral hood underclothing
  • Women with an enlarged clitoral hood
  • Clitoral hood interferes with performance and/or sexual pleasure
Side effects
  • Bleeding
  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Undertension or excessive resection
Alternative treatments
  • Labioplasty
  • Nymphoplasty
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • From 1h to 1h30

Reduction of the clitoris hood

Clitoral hood reduction, also called clitoroplasty, is a form of female genital modification. This is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size of a woman's clitoral hood.

Clitoral hood reduction or clitoroplasty is a cosmetic plastic surgery technique that removes extra skin folds at the front of the clitoral hood. It is one of many vaginal medical and surgical operations available, and it is frequently combined with labia minora reduction, to achieve a more balanced appearance of female genitalia.

Procedure in Istanbul Turkey

Clitoral hood reduction surgery can be performed under local anesthesia and deep sedation or spinal anesthesia at one of our best partner clinics in Istanbul, Turkey.

The average duration of clitoral hood reduction is about 30 minutes. Rapidly resorbing sutures are generally used (15-20 days).

Postoperative pain is minimal. Indeed, it is easily controlled with anti-inflammatories and recovery is very fast.

Sexual activity can be resumed on average 30 days after surgery.

The results of a clitoroplasty

During cosmetic vaginal surgery, a labioplasty involves reshaping the labia minora so that they do not hang below the level of the labia majora. On this, excess creases may occur. Through a clitoral hood reduction procedure, plastic surgeons can diminish excess folds. Generally, a reduction of the clitoral hood is associated with a labioplasty to have a well-balanced appearance of the genitals and also to avoid exaggerated bulges following a labioplasty.

The techniques used to achieve this reduction vary depending on the surgeon and the shape and size of the woman's clitoral hood. Most women who have had this surgery experience less clitoral hood discomfort and report improved self-esteem.

The potential risks of the procedure

The risks of clitoral hood reduction surgery include:

  • A decrease and stimulation of sensation in and around the clitoris
  • Hypertrophic scars and infections
  • Unsatisfactory results requiring further surgery.

A woman's clitoris is a sensitive part of the body with nerves that can be accidentally damaged, causing decreased sensation or a significant and unpleasant increase in sensation. As with most surgeries, the possibility of scarring also exists, especially if the incision sites are not properly cared for after surgery. Also, sometimes the surgeon does not operate to the patient's satisfaction, such as leaving too much skin or an uneven amount of skin, and another surgery may be needed to correct this. An experienced surgeon will review a patient's risks before clitoroplasty surgery.

Reduction of the clitoral hood in Turkey: Reviews and prices of surgeons

Like all surgeries, the clitoral hood reduction is not without risk and can lead to adverse outcomes. Online consultation with one of our surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey is necessary for specialist advice. This will allow us to discuss the reasonable expectations of the patient depending on the case, determine the price, to have an idea of ​​all the potential risks and the exact way in which the procedure will be carried out.

Keep in mind that we collaborate with well-equipped medical institutions, materials, and recent technological facilities. Thus, you will have the opportunity to follow your treatments with internationally renowned surgeons.

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Frequently asked questions

Clitoridoplasty can have an impact on clitoral sensitivity, although the results of this surgery vary from one person to another.

In fact, the clitoris is a highly innervated area, and the amount of tissue removed can influence sensitivity (increase or decrease). As a result, it can affect sexual function and the ability to experience orgasm during sexual intercourse.

No, clitoral hood reduction plastic surgery involves making small incisions that are not painful, although if the patient experiences discomfort, pain-relieving medication will be prescribed.

To ensure a safe and successful experience, Turquie Santé has a highly qualified support team helping you find the best clitoroplasty clinics in Turkey. Our surgeons are generally accredited professionals specializing in female genital surgery, and more specifically in clitoral hood reduction.

To ensure rapid wound healing and minimize the risk of infection, it's important to maintain good genital hygiene by gently cleaning the operated area each time you change dressings, following your surgeon's instructions. However, avoid hot baths and showers, and ensure gentle drying after each cleaning.

The price of clitoral hood reduction varies between 1500 euros and 2000 euros, depending on :

  • The clinic or hospital chosen
  • The surgeon's experience
  • The services included in the package.
Last update : 27/05/2024

Best Clinics with Verified Reviews

  • Member of the American Hospital Association (AHA)
  • Capacity of 230 beds
  • The best hospital in Ankara
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EKOL HOSPITAL cheap price Reduction of the clitoris hood 1
  • Multispecialized hospital
  • Hospital founded in 2007
  • Very good reputation in ENT department
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MEMORIAL Şişli cheap price Reduction of the clitoris hood 2
  • Grand Hospital founded in 1999
  • 200 Beds
  • 53,000 square meters


Joint Commission International
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
ISO 9001:2008

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