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Calf implants Turkey

What Happens during the Calf Augmentation?

The calf implant in Turkey is placed under general anesthesia with a night of hospitalization and lasts between 45 minutes and 1h30.

The prostheses consist of a smooth envelope filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel. They are designed to withstand the tensions in this part of the body. There are calf implants of various shapes, oval or asymmetric drop, and lengths that adapt to the anatomy of each patient.

During the operation, the patient is lying on his/her stomach. The best calf implant surgeon makes a horizontal incision of four to six centimeters hidden in the bending of the knee. Therefore, the scars are very discreet and almost invisible.

The practitioner places the calf implant in a box under the muscles. It can put one to two prostheses per calf depending on the anatomy of the patient and the desired volume. Then, he/she makes the sutures with absorbable thread and puts a dressing modeling on each leg.

Lower Leg Augmentation with Fat

This technique entails eliminating fat by liposuction from areas where it is in excess and re-injecting it where it is desired to restore volume during the same procedure under general anesthesia.

The reinjected or grafted fat must be purified in advance by centrifugation, filtration or settling during the procedure.

The rate of transplant in Turkey varies between 50 and 70%, which means that more fat must be re-injected than it would theoretically be required in order to reach the desired volume.

As a result, it is necessary to have a sufficient quantity of fat and/or to carry out several lipomodelling sessions several months apart.

The obvious advantage is the naturalness of fat injections. The result, once the partial resorption phase of the transplant has passed, is definitive. However, if there is a change in weight, the volume of fat graft will follow this change.

What is the Cost of Calf Implant in Turkey and Istanbul?

The price of this intervention in Turkey and Istanbul with Turquie santé includes all taxes, surgeon's fees, the anesthesiologist and the expenses of the clinic (operating room and hospitalization of 24 hours in room only, as well as all the consultations of follow-up during one year).

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What is the typical Profile of a Patient undergoing Lower Leg Augmentation?

In general, they are men and women between 20 and 45 years old who are worried about the small size of their calves. Women with normal-sized calf also seek this procedure because of their twisted legs due to the positioning of their knees. In this case, the calf implants allow to increase the front muscular prominence, thus correcting an aesthetic defect that has no other solutions.

A lack of Lower Leg Augmentation is a simple Cosmetic Concern?

Yes. The aesthetics of the legs which must be in harmony with the size of the knees and ankles is supported by the prominence of a muscle behind the leg. In some people, this muscle structure is very little or hardly developed. This is often due to the patient’s own constitution, but sometimes also to neuromuscular disease or trauma.

Although the patient’s initial request is purely aesthetic, the calf augmentation operation may also have psychological and social benefits.

Last update : 01/04/2020

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