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Scar Revision in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The disruption of the skin by a wound, an incision, burns, surgery ... can create scars which have a very unpleasant appearance. Now, it's time to overcome these consequences.

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    Who is this procedure for?
    • People with significant scars from injuries or surgeries
    • Burn victims
    • People with skin problems
    Alternative treatments
    • Skin graft
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • A laser scar revision session lasts between 10 and 30 minutes
    Recovery time
    • The result is visible from the 3rd session
    • Final result after 5 sessions at the rate of one session per month
    Success rate
    • 80%

    Scar revision surgery is performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of a scar and/or eliminate functional disorders, such as pain, tension, and actual retraction.

    What are the types of scars?

    The scars have different aspects. Several predisposing factors worsen their aspects: age, sex, exposure to sunlight, the cause of the scar, and depth.

    The size, shape, and dimensions of the scars depend on the event that caused them. The aesthetic result, on the other hand, also depends on individual factors.
    When the margins of a skin lesion do not match perfectly and are irregular, it is called secondary intention scarring. In the case of a linear incision (as in surgery),the margins are made to match perfectly, to obtain a linear scar, and is defined as a first intention scar.

    What is the effect of scar treatment?

    This treatment aims to minimize scars to confuse its appearance with that of the skin. As a result, we act on the pigmentation and the depth of the scars.

    What are the therapeutic approaches?

    There are different therapeutic measures employed to treat scars.

    Medical treatment

    Several alternatives exist:

    • Cortisone injection: anti-inflammatory and anti-mitotic effects
    • Collagen injection: replacement therapy of natural collagen lost under the skin
    • Chemical peel: depigmentation effect
    • Scar treatment with laser: a few sessions are necessary to have a satisfactory and sustainable effect. This type of treatment is innovative in terms of plastic surgery.

    Surgical treatment

    This treatment consists of excising surgically all or part of the scar and then replacing it with a finer suture, a skin graft, or skin flap.

    How to choose the therapeutic approach?

    In general, it is essential to deal with ugly scars, sometimes retractable.

    Your doctor, whether a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, is the only person who can guide you to the right path for your recovery. He/she informs you about the most appropriate therapeutic approaches and the most guaranteed for your situation.

    What is the price of Scar revision in Istanbul Turkey?

    The cost of scar treatment in Istanbul, Turkey depends on the type of treatment and the characteristics of the scar (depth, color).
    Prices include doctor's fees, anesthesia, drug prices, and products used during your surgery.

    The aesthetic result varies from one person to another, and it is conditioned by various factors such as the type of complexion and the affected area of the body.

    The result is permanent and will be definitively achieved approximately one year after the intervention.

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