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What is an All-on-4

The All-on-4 treatment concept is a graft-free and favorably beneficial solution that allows patients to leave the day of surgery with a complete arch prosthesis.

How is the intervention done in Turkey?

The All-on-4 and Diem 2 techniques allow you to have teeth that are suitable for natural teeth and that are more advantageous than conventional prostheses:

  • These permanent teeth can be brushed and rubbed like natural teeth;
  • No need to remove them (they are fixed prostheses);
  • Comfortable (do not rest on your gums like a denture);
  • Survive following aggravated forces on the teeth.

Scientific evidence

This is a proven long-term solution with high retention rates. The All-on-4 treatment concept is a proven long-term solution with up to 10 years of follow-up for the mandible and 5 years for the maxillary.

Cumulative survival rates are prominent for both maxillary and mandibular

  • In the medium term, from 3 to 4 years: 96.3 to 100%
  • Long-term, 5 to 10 years: 94.8-98%

State of health of the patient

Before choosing the All-on-4 prosthesis, it is strongly recommended to inspect your general health condition in Turkey. This step is necessary because some diseases can influence the outcome of the treatment. For example, hyperglycemia can be a recognized cause for tooth loss. And so the chances of success of setting up an All-on-4 can decrease.

Cost of an all-on-4 in Turkey

The price of setting up an all-on-4 can vary depending on the case of the patient but also according to the clinic. Generally, we negotiate favourable prices for our patients in relation to the market price.

As a result, by requesting your personalized quote with Turquie Santé you benefit from attractive discounts on your care.


Last update : 23/09/2019
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