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What is a Dental Veneer?

A cosmetic dentistry veneer in Turkey and Istanbul is in the form of a small shell made of ceramic, resin, or porcelain. The purpose behind using this shell is to cover your existing tooth. Thus, it makes it possible to hide the small defects of your dentition, such as a yellowish tint or misaligned teeth. As a result, dental veneers are only required for the front teeth and it will be useless to put them on the molars on the bottom of your mouth, which are absolutely invisible when you smile.

The main advantage of E-max veneers is to offer a very aesthetic result, since the absence of metal allows to obtain a result very close to a natural tooth.

Turquie santé helps you find the best costs & price offers for your dental facet in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya.

Package price of Dental veneers in Turkey

With our hospitals, the price of the package Dental veneers in Turkey is from 300€.

The cost of the procedure Dental veneers in Turkey depends on several factors such as the type of surgery you are going to have, the clinic and the experience of your surgeon. Discover the pack

Who is this procedure for?

  • People who want a nice smile by masking the defects of one or more teeth
  • People with yellow, spaced or too long teeth

Side effects

  • Pains
  • Inflammation of the gum

Alternative treatments

Intervention or treatment's duration

  • The installation lasts between 1 to 3 hours depending on the number of facets

Recovery time

  • The result is visible immediately
  • Long life (generally more than 20 years)

Success rate

  • 99%
How it works ?

Who is this Treatment for?

It is an effective solution for those who have defects of one or more visible teeth (incisors, canine or premolars). It could be an overly pronounced shade, a malposition (spacing or overlapping) or an abnormal shape (teeth too short or cracked). This treatment is possible at any age.

How should we Proceed in Istanbul?

This aesthetic intervention generally requires 3 sessions. During the first consultation, the dentist examines the patient and gives advice on the feasibility and choice of cosmetic teeth veneers. Then, he/she takes teeth impressions in order to make custom veneers. During the second session, the dentist cuts the enamel and places transitional veneers.

Finally, the third session is devoted to the placement of the final veneers under local anesthesia. This last stage is the longest it can last up to 2 to 3 hours. Resin composite veneers are made by the dentist, the others are made in the laboratory. The placement is fast and has no risk.

Hollywood Smile against Dental Veneers

Although Hollywood smile and dental veneers can both improve your smile by hiding dental flaws, they differ in procedure and how they affect the condition of the original tooth.

Make sure to consult a dental health professional before deciding which option is right for you. Each person's teeth are different, and you must have a personalized consultation before undergoing a radical procedure.

What are the advantages compared to other conventional treatments?

Veneers offer a better result than whitening, especially when it comes to an overly pronounced complexion. In addition, they have a longer lifespan, so the majority of clinical studies show that 95% remain in place after 12 years while the whitening lasts only 3 to 6 months. They also cause less loss of substance than crowns. In short, they make it possible to correct all anomalies (complexion, shape, spacing, etc.) in a single treatment without any risk on the gums and natural teeth. This treatment offers an immediate result, the teeth become well aligned and the smile becomes dazzling.

How to maintain your Teeth after Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers?

Their maintenance requires only good oral hygiene; regular brushing 2 to 3 times a day using a quality toothbrush and descaling once a year. It is recommended to do regular checks at the dentist. The dental veneers are very resistant and unalterable; no food may yellow them. In case of bruxism, it is imperative to wear a night gutter.

Dental Veneers Cost in Turkey and Istanbul

The placement of dental veneers is an easy treatment without constraint or operative pain. This is a safe and healthy aesthetic choice that you can make in our partner clinics in Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir & Antalya.

Teeth veneers cost in Turkey depends on the number of teeth to be corrected with veneers and the combination with other aesthetic treatments. You can request a personalized quote for your case. Turquie santé provides you with affordable dental veneers in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, or Antalya.

No, the treatment is not painful and anesthesia is not always necessary. The veneers are completely safe and non-invasive. As a result, dental veneers do not cause discomfort and do not require recovery times.

The duration of the dental veneers ranges from 5 to 10 years. In fact, it depends on how you take care of them regularly. Do not forget that good oral hygiene always makes the difference.

Of course, the quality of the materials also plays an important role. For this reason, it is crucial to rely on professional dentists who can guarantee an effective and lasting treatment.

Sure! The dental veneers will allow you to continue your life quietly without giving up any kind of food.

These ceramic covers are extremely thin, but they are also extremely resistant. For this reason, it is not so easy to break down. However, you should always pay attention to harder foods and chew them preferably with your molar teeth.

If your goal is to improve your smile, dental veneers could be the best solution which is an effective, lasting, and above all painless treatment.

If you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal!     

We must first mention the fact that this type of intervention is not absolutely curative for problems such as the dental spacing or crooked teeth. It is important to know that the application of dental veneers is irreversible. Therefore, once applied, they cannot be removed. The removal of part of the enamel forces those who undergo this procedure to use the same treatment once the dentist considers it appropriate to replace the dental veneer. 

Besides, your teeth may become more sensitive to heat as well as cold and they become more prone to dental infections. Some movements that require excessive pressure on the teeth may break the veneers. Hence, you should avoid bad habits such as biting hard objects, nails, or ice because reconstructions could be damaged without being able to be repaired. 

Achieving a perfect match of the dental veneer with the colour of the natural enamel of the teeth is a challenge. Remember that once you choose the colour of the veneer you cannot change it. If you are a smoker, nicotine could irreparably spoil the colour of the dental veneers. Moreover, the excessive consumption of certain food and colouring drinks such as wine, coffee, and tea may lead to a change in colour. The limited duration of dental veneers is another drawback; it is about 10 years, but it relies on the material, the maintenance, and the quality of the intervention.

We rely on your particular situation in order to select the ideal solution. In some cases, the patient may require four, six, or even eight dental veneers. Before intervening, we always try to understand what are the aesthetic needs of our patients and how they can be accomplished.

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