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What is a denture  ?

It is a removable dental prosthesis for replace one or more teeth.

What are the indications  ?

Indications for using a denture are  :

  • Loss of one or more teeth
  • After tooth extraction while waiting for healing
  • After the installation of an implant while waiting for its healing

What are the benefits of dentures  ?


The denture allows the patient

  • To keep an aesthetic mouth
  • The possibility of chewing

In addition, the denture is comfortable, fixed, non-irritating and can be kept at night.

What are the types?

Partial denture  :   It is used when one or more teeth are missing. He settles himself; using square brackets.

Full denture  :   The complete denture is intended to replace all teeth.   Full denture placement is the least expensive for edentulous patients but this prosthesis can move in patients with low bone relief.

How to maintain a denture  ?

In order to maintain a dental prosthesis it is necessary:

  • Clean the denture every day to prevent bacteria buildup
  • Brush gently with a wet brush
  • Brush the mouth also in the gums, tongue and natural teeth
  • Rinse after brushing, the use of mouthwashes is preferable for a feeling of freshness
  • Do not use hot water, do not use warm water
  • Keep the denture moist; outside, as it may lose its shape as it dries.  
  • You should never try to adjust the denture alone because you risk to damage it
  • Carefully maintain your dentures to ensure chewing and a beautiful smile.  
  • Finally, always check with the dentist.

What is the price of a denture in Turkey?

The price of a denture in Turkey depends on the type of denture and the clinic. Turquie Santé connects patients to perform their dental interventions in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya. We negotiate the best rates for operations with experienced and qualified surgeons.


Last update : 25/08/2019
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