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Full or partial dentures in Turkey | Removable Dental Prosthesis Prices

Edentulism, the lack of teeth, can seriously affect a person's quality of life. This phenomenon leads to accelerated aging of the face and risk of disease because the dental arch supports several areas of the face, including the lower jaw. To alleviate this problem, dentures or removable dental prosthesis are common solutions in Turkey.

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    Who is this procedure for?
    • People who have lost one or more teeth
    • Patients after tooth extraction 
    • Patients after a tooth implant surgery
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • The whole procedure takes a few minutes, but you need to see your dentist at least 3 times
    Recovery time
    • Return to daily activities immediately after the procedure
    Success rate
    • 100%

    Types of dentures

    Unlike fixed dentures, dentures are removable dental prostheses designed to replace a patient's missing teeth.

    There are two main types of dentures, often depending on the patient's dentition: when only a few teeth are missing, or when all the teeth need to be replaced:

    • Partial dentures: These are partial dentures used when one or more adjacent or non-adjacent teeth are missing. They are attached with metal or resin clasps.
    • Full dentures: These are complete dentures that replace all the teeth in one or both jaws. These removable dentures are made of resin and support artificial teeth made of resin or ceramic.

    Full dentures are made of resin and consist of three parts:

    • Artificial teeth: reproduce the appearance and function of natural teeth.
    • The false palate: rests on the patient's palate and provides optimal stability for the prosthesis. Its rough surface also promotes adhesion, sometimes reducing the need for adhesive.
    • Artificial gingiva: Made of resin, it follows the shape of the bone crest and houses the artificial teeth. Its pink color mimics the natural gingiva for optimal esthetic results.

    The entire prosthesis, together with the artificial gingiva and false palate, creates a suction effect that holds the prosthesis in place.

    What are the indications for removable dentures?

    Our clinics in Istanbul, Turkey offer you the services of the best dental surgeons and orthodontists. Our clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, offer the services of the best dentists and orthodontists to install the right dentures for our patients. This requires joint work of the dental surgeon, the orthodontist, and the prosthodontist.

    Several dental problems justify the use of dentures:

    • Loss of one or more teeth.
    • Preventive dental care: After a tooth extraction, until the healing process and the installation of a permanent solution; or as a temporary solution during the healing process after the installation of a dental implant.
    • Advanced periodontal disease.
    • Contraindications for dental implants.

    Advantages of removable dental prosthesis

    Dentures are a dental treatment that fills the gap in the dental arch. These dentures also have some other benefits, including:

    • Improved smile aesthetics.
    • Better chewing.
    • Perfect adaptation to the morphology of the patient's mouth.
    • Less expensive than dental implants or bridges.
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • Comfortable, fixed, non-irritating, and can be left in place overnight.

    Tips for taking care of the removable dental prosthesis

    To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your removable dentures, it's important to take care of them every day. Here are some tips on how to care for your dentures:

    • Practice good oral hygiene.
    • Soak your dentures overnight in an antiseptic mouthwash to disinfect them and prevent bacteria from building up.
    • Brush your teeth gently with a damp toothbrush.
    • Brush the inside and outside of the denture and the areas in contact with the gums.
    • Rinse well after brushing (mouthwash is preferred for a fresh feeling).
    • Do not use hot water; use lukewarm water instead.
    • Keep dentures moist on the outside, as they can lose their shape when they dry out.
    • Never try to adjust dentures yourself to avoid damaging them.
    • See your dentist regularly.

    Partial or full dentures: Competitive prices in Turkey

    The price of a denture in Turkey depends on the type of removable dental prosthesis, whether full or partial, and the clinic where the procedure is performed. Turquie Santé negotiates the best prices for dental procedures with experienced and qualified dental surgeons.

    Prices for dentures generally range from €800 to €1,200.

    To receive a quote and a free consultation, simply click on the link below.

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    Frequently asked questions

    For the first few days, it can be uncomfortable to wear it, avoid solid foods and rinse with water and salt to soothe any blisters. After 15 days, you will be acclimated to your dentures.

    One application of denture adhesive cream per day should be sufficient. Consult your dentist to adjust the size of your dentures if you feel the need to use denture adhesive cream several times a day.

    Wash your dentures at least once a day, before you go to bed. This step is crucial to frequently remove food debris and prevent plaque build-up.

    Your dentures can be comfortable, but the best time to rest your mouth is when you are sleeping, as wearing your dentures regularly at night can cause bacteria to build up, which can lead to bad breath or, in the worst case, an infection.

    In these circumstances, a few simple remedies can certainly help resolve the symptoms:

    • Mouthwash with water and salt.
    • Rinse with mouthwashes and topical gels.
    • Brush the denture frequently.
    • Remove the denture at night.
    Last update : 26/05/2024

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