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The lack of teeth, or toothlessness, can have serious consequences and considerably reduce a person's quality of life. This phenomenon can have several causes such as fractures, loosening, or infections.

Edentulousness can have several harmful consequences such as disease or even accelerate the aging of the face. This is because the dental arch supports certain parts of the face such as the lower jaw region and in the event of loosening of the teeth, the face will appear older at an early stage.

To overcome this problem, there are different solutions. One of the most used is the denture or dental prosthesis.

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    Who is this procedure for?
    • People who have lost one or more teeth
    • Patients after tooth extraction 
    • Patients after a tooth implant surgery
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • The whole procedure takes a few minutes, but you need to see your dentist at least 3 times
    Recovery time
    • Return to daily activities immediately after the procedure
    Success rate
    • 100%

    What is a denture? Affordable prices in Turkey

    A denture is a removable dental prosthesis intended to replace missing teeth. Patients who have no teeth at all may opt for a complete denture, while those who have some teeth left may choose a partial one (dental bridge).

    Dental prostheses are put in place with the help of metal clasps that keep them firm and in place. The main role of a denture is bridging over the gap left after tooth extraction, in some cases following gum disease.

    The denture allows the patient to:

    • Keep an aesthetic look of the mouth
    • Chew food without straining the mouth muscles and without any extra effort

    The different types of dental prostheses

    There are two main types of dentures on the market:

    • Complete dentures. The ideal dental solution for patients who have no teeth at all and can't afford to get permanent dental implants
    • Partial dentures. They replace several missing teeth at the same time

    Types of Partial dental prostheses

    Which type of bridge to choose depends mainly on your aesthetic preferences and budget expectations. Here are some of them :

    • Traditional dental bridges
    • Cantilever Bridges. They need only one anchor tooth to be installed
    • Maryland Bridge. They eliminate the need for dental crowns. They have a metal or porcelain framework. Bonded bridges require no drilling of the adjacent teeth

    When to use them?

    There are many Indications for using dental implants

    • Loss of one or more teeth

    • After tooth extraction
    • After the installation of an implant

    Difference between dental prostheses with plastic and metal frameworks

    Metal dentures feel bulkier and heavier than plastic ones. Plastic dentures on the other hand are light, flexible, and more comfortable for the gum and chewing muscles. When it comes to adding a new false tooth, then plastic dentures are the right choice.

    Tips for taking care of the denture

    Good oral hygiene is necessary to keep your denture in good condition. Here are some tips:

    • Clean it every day to remove food particles and prevent bacteria buildup
    • Use a wet and soft toothbrush
    • Use brushes with soft bristles to avoid damage to the denture
    • Don't forget to brush your mouth, gums, and tongue before going to bed
    • Use dental floss to clean the little gaps between the teeth after meals
    • Rinse after brushing. Mouthwashes are recommended for an additional sense of freshness 
    • Keep it moist by putting it in warm water overnight, as it might bend out of shape with time
    • Never try to adjust the denture on your own, because you risk damaging it permanently
    • Avoid wearing them while sleeping
    • Don't forget to see your dentist at least once in six months

    Average prices in Turkey clinics

    The prices of a full or partial denture in Turkey depend on the material and the type of dental implant you need.

    Find a good dental clinic in Istanbul Turkey with affordable prices

    A removable partial denture price in Istanbul, Turkey depends on its type and material. Turquie Santé helps patients find good deals on dental treatment options in Turkey. We have unbeatable prices when it comes to finding a good-quality dental prosthesis at an affordable price. Our qualified tooth dentists will help you bring back your smile.

    The final cost 

    The prices of a denture implant in Istanbul, Turkey are much cheaper than in Europe. We guarantee high-quality patient care. Nonetheless, the final cost of the whole procedure is ultimately determined by the brand of the implant you choose. 

    Turquie Santé will help you find the best and most reputable dental clinic in Turkey.

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    Frequently asked questions

    For the first few days, it can be uncomfortable to wear it, avoid solid foods and rinse with water and salt to soothe any blisters. After 15 days, you will be acclimated to your dentures.

    One application of denture adhesive cream per day should be sufficient. Consult your dentist to adjust the size of your dentures if you feel the need to use denture adhesive cream several times a day.

    Wash your dentures at least once a day, before you go to bed. This step is crucial to frequently remove food debris and prevent plaque build-up.

    Your dentures can be comfortable, but the best time to rest your mouth is when you are sleeping, as wearing your dentures regularly at night can cause bacteria to build up, which can lead to bad breath or, in the worst case, an infection.

    In these circumstances, a few simple remedies can certainly help resolve the symptoms:

    • Mouthwash with water and salt.
    • Rinse with mouthwashes and topical gels.
    • Brush the denture frequently.
    • Remove the denture at night.

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