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Crown lengthening in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The dentalcrown lengthening procedure is a cosmetic dental surgery. It reduces the gums and corrects gum line defects, thus making the teeth more visible. Many patients opt for a dental crown lengthening procedure because it is the optimal solution to excessive gingival display.

Crown lengthening like any other cosmetic dentistry surgery requires taking dental tests using X-rays. This procedure substitutes some parts of broken or decayed teeth if they are hidden under the gums. This solution eliminates the need for dental extraction.

The price of this procedure is affordable in clinics in Istanbul Turkey.

Crown lengthening Turkey

Dental Crown Lengthening procedure: For Which cases?

Your dentist may recommend a dental crown lengthening procedure to:

  • Get rid of tooth decay under the gum;
  • Treat soft tissue inside the mouth;
  • Cement dental veneers;
  • Maintain good oral hygiene.

Crown lengthening is impossible if the tooth root is too short. In this case, additional interventions may be required.

How a dental crown lengthening procedure is done?

The dental surgeon makes an incision in the gum and relocates the gingiva to make the teeth look bigger. This dental practice removes excess gum tissue painlessly. A cosmetic dentist performs this aesthetic procedure under local anesthesia.

In some cases, bone reconstruction may be considered. The oral surgeon then makes some changes to the tooth's structure.

Clinical tests are a crucial moment in any orthodontic treatment. That's why some precautions need to be taken before this dental surgery.

Complete recovery can take up to 3 months. When the gum heals, an artificial crown is placed to reconstruct the missing part of the tooth. Different dental materials help the teeth look natural again.

Why are X-Rays so Important?

An x-ray gives the dentist an image of the roots of your teeth to decide whether you are eligible for surgery. Your tooth doctor will be able to detect any deformity or underlying condition. Then, he will perform the necessary treatment if needed.

Finally, he will ask you for another radiograph to check the final state of your teeth and jawbone before performing the procedure.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of a gum lift?

After a gum lift surgery, the smile is noticeably improved. The teeth may look bigger. People with big teeth can end up spoiling their smiles by undergoing this kind of surgery. Added to that, this surgery is not for patients who smoke or have gingival inflammation.

To avoid this, a dentist may show you the postoperative results thanks to dental imaging.

General advice for a good oral care

Here are some tips for good oral care after a gum lift

  • Brush your teeth before going to bed. This prevents tooth decay and gum diseases;
  • Use a wet brush with soft bristles to keep your natural teeth healthy;
  • Avoid teeth whitening the following month after surgery.

What is a tooth elongation?

A tooth elongation helps you become more confident around other people and regain your self-esteem. It is considered as a smile makeover, for people with broken teeth or those who appear to have excess gum.

Get Rid of a Gummy Smile by Crown Lengthening

If you want to get rid of a gummy smile, crown lengthening might be the ideal solution for you without undergoing surgery. Weigh up all the pros and cons before starting your treatment.

Other procedures may be indicated for you, which are gingivectomy or gingivoplasty.

Is the Gummy Smile (Excessive Gingival Display) a disease? 

A gummy smile (or the excessive gingival display) is overly exposed gums when a person smiles. The teeth look disproportionate to the mouth and lips. The gummy smile is mainly due to the overgrowth of the gingival tissue.

A gummy smile is not considered a disease, but it may be a sign of an underlying one.

Is Tooth Elongation Painful?

A tooth elongation procedure is done under local anesthesia, and it is painless. However, your doctor may prescribe a painkiller if you feel any discomfort after the tooth elongation.

It is important to inform your treating doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms after the surgery.

Cost & price of laser crown lengthening

The cosmetic dental surgery of laser crown lengthening is a gum reshaping procedure. It changes the gum line with a laser instead of a scalpel. A laser crown lengthening is one of several smile makeovers that reduce excessive gingival display by gum contouring.

Where Can I Find a Laser Gum Lift?

First, you should read real reviews about the most reputed dental clinics in Turkey. Then, all you need to do is request the quote for your dental treatment by filling out our online form.

What is the Cost of this Dental Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey?

The best dental clinics in Turkey, that we are partnered with, offer the best treatment plans at an affordable cost and price. Start your treatment now and pay a reasonable price in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir.

We truly care about our patients' health. That's why we have the most trusted dental clinics that have only the best dental surgeons in the field of cosmetic dentistry and the latest medical equipment.

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