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What is the Principle of All-On-8?

It is a modern implantology technique designed to replace one or more missing teeth. The name ALL-ON means a complete bridge attached; 8 implants. So it's no longer necessary to have an implant for every missing tooth.


What is the "8" indication?

All-On-8 is indicated for patients who have lost a large number of upper or lower teeth or in case of complete loss.


What are the differences between All-on-8, All-on-4 and All-on-6?

Simply, All-On-4 involves inserting 4, All-On-6 that of 6 and All-On-8 that of 8 implants.


How does the operation work?

First of all it is necessary to consult the dentist, after a complete examination, he / she asks a scanner to specify the position of the implant. Then we put the implants under local or general anaesthesia. A temporary prosthesis will be fixed. Finally, about 3 months later, the temporary prosthesis is removed and a bridge is definitively placed which is generally made of ceramic according to measures specified by the dentist.

What are the benefits?

  • All teeth can be rehabilitated in a single operation oral surgery.
  • There are 8 implants and a fixed bridge without bone augmentation.
  • It's a permanent solution to the loss of teeth.
  • The operation can be performed even on a small bone tissue.
  • Additional surgical operations are minimized.
  • You can have firm teeth and stable chewing power.
  • Healing is fast.
  • There is less risk of complications with excellent aesthetics.


How to maintain your All-On_8  ?


Regularly visit the dentist and follow good dental hygiene, not to mention having to brush your teeth at least twice a day.  

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Last update : 21/08/2019
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