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Hollywood Smile Turkey

The smile is considered a criteria of beauty because it can strengthen our self-confidence and it is the first thing noticed by our entourage. A bright smile that looks like Jolia Roberts or Tom Cruise is every person's dream. So, these people are looking for the best possible tooth treatments to win a perfect smile that looks like the stars: Hollywood Smile.

Some tips for displaying a Hollywood smile

A global concept that has been a great success for men and women, named "The Hollywood Smile". The principle is to have a bright smile, white teeth, and perfect shapes, with zero fault!

The technological evolution and the emergence of new techniques have allowed each person to have a perfect smile like the stars of American cinema.

Dental veneers: They are considered a revolution in the world of cosmetic dentistry. It is intended for people who suffer from damaged teeth and wish to have a tailor-made smile. This technique allows the teeth to be covered by a ceramic veneer (porcelain or composite films) to completely change their appearance, alignment, colour, or even their shape.

The laser: It represents one of the major technologies in the field of modern dentistry. It is used by dentists to treat various problems in the teeth such as infections, bleeding during brushing, and moving teeth. The laser also allows to reduce or close the diameter of the dentinal tubules and therefore have a very beautiful smile.

The Price of Hollywood Smile in Turkey

The price of a Hollywood smile differs from one clinic to another and it depends on the technique as well as the quality of the material used. The price of Hollywood smile in Turkey and Istanbul ranges from 2,000 euros to 2,500 euros for 10 teeth , but these prices remain much cheaper compared to other countries like France.


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