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Dental root canal treatment in Istanbul Turkey, Cost & Clinics

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the internal tissues of the tooth.

When these tissues become diseased, mainly due to trauma or deep carious lesions, it is possible to suffer infections and consequent necrosis of the dental pulp (with acute or chronic repercussions also on the tissues surrounding the dental root) with a high risk of tooth loss.
For this reason, endodontics and endodontic treatments play a fundamental role in conservative dentistry, since a dental root canal treatment in Istanbul Turkey allows for saving a tooth that has been damaged in its structure, removing it from possible extraction.

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Dental root canal treatment Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People with dental caries caused by bacteria in the mouth
Side effects
  • Intense and persistent pain
  • Inability to chew
  • Have swollen gums
Alternative treatments
  • Pulp capping
  • Partial or cervical pulpotomy
  • Pulpectomy

Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 45 minutes and 2 hours

Success rate
  • 88,3%

What is a dental root canal treatment?

Dental root canal treatment consists of removing the inflamed and infected pulp inside the tooth and along the entire length of the roots, replacing it, after adequate cleaning and shaping of the root canals, with a permanent filling in gutta-percha and canal cement.
In our partner dental clinics in Turkey, we perform root canal therapies with the best techniques, allowing us to obtain successful therapies with a favorable long-term prognosis and preservation of the teeth, avoiding after a few years localized chronic inflammations which take the name of "granulomas" can occur.

The components of the tooth

A tooth is made up of three components: enamel, dentin, and pulp. The pulp is made up of soft tissues and nerves, and it ensures the tooth’s evolution. Once it has evolved, the tooth no longer needs pulp, unless its owner is alerted to the infection. However, in many cases, the patient feels no discomfort.

In what cases can endodontic treatment be carried out?

Dental root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is an intervention that is used to remove the infected, inflamed, or dead pulp from the dental nerve due to pulpit or pulp necrosis.

A pulpit consists of an inflammation that reaches the dental pulp characterized by pain, resulting mainly from the development of untreated dental caries, trauma, or iatrogenic repairs. Pulpitous treatment involves removing the decayed tissue and subsequently restoring the decayed tooth. Sometimes, it is necessary to carry out a dental canal treatment or an extraction of the tooth.

Pulp necrosis is an advanced stage of an untreated pulp tooth. As a result, the tooth loses its vitality, which requires treatment or an abscess of the dental canal. When tooth decay, cracks, or fractures damage the tooth, dental pulp may be affected. The bacteria in the mouth then enter the nerves and cause infection, inflammation, or abscesses.

Root canal treatment in Istanbul Turkey

In the above circumstances, root canal treatment involves piercing the tooth to penetrate the pulp, removing it, and treating the infected area. To do this, one of the best dentists in one of the clinics in Turkey commits to performing the procedure of dental root canal treatment.

Endodontic treatment in Istanbul Turkey at the best cost

Turquie Santé guarantees you dental care in the best clinics in Turkey under the guidance of the most experienced dentists and with the most competitive cost.

The operating steps of the treatment of the endodontic canal

the first step in root canal treatment is to examine the tooth so that the dentist understands the nature of the problem and can effectively treat it. This usually includes a physical examination of the inside of the mouth, as well as X-ray imaging of the tooth to predict the pulp chamber.

Then, a local anesthetic is administered to numb the tooth and increase patient comfort during the procedure. He then carefully cleans the root canal with mechanical or manual instruments and disinfects the interior of the canal. And a "dental dam" is then established on the affected area to isolate the tooth and retain saliva and other substances.

The dentist can then pierce the crown of the tooth to open it. This allows specialized dental instruments to be inserted into the chamber and the main pulp ducts to remove the inflamed or infected pulp from the area.  The remaining space will then be completely cleaned and shaped to keep room for a filling, which will replace the pulp of the tooth.

Postoperative results

Generally, the success rate of endodontic treatment is very high in clinics in Istanbul Turkey. If the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are well maintained, they can persist for life.

After root canal treatment in Turkey, you may experience pain. But, this pain usually comes from inflammation. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to use anti-inflammatories instead of conventional analgesics. 

If you experience intense and persistent pain, and you are unable to chew or have swollen gums, perform an emergency dental consultation with your dentist or an endodontist at one of the best clinics in Istanbul Turkey.

These different conditions may indicate a crack in the tooth or root canal that requires treatment or complement.

Even if the endodontic treatment has demonstrated its effectiveness, it is essential to follow perfect and uninterrupted oral hygiene. Thus, it is necessary to make an annual visit to the dentist, to better monitor the health of your mouth.

For root canal treatment, one or more treatments must be performed at the dentist. It depends on many parameters, such as the state of the pulp and infection. This process indeed shows excellent efficiency. However, this is an extremely delicate process. Therefore, if the results are not convincing, the dentist may have to repeat certain steps of the treatment.

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