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The concept of All-on-6 treatment

This intervention aims to provide partially edentulous or fully edentulous patients with an effective restoration using only four jaw implants or six maxillary implants to support a 10 to 12 tooth prosthesis established on the implants immediately.

Fixed dental prostheses are no longer a dream for edentulous patients and little bone volume. Nobel Bicarré All-on-6 systems provide fixed prostheses with four or six implants without bone augmentation.

When it is impossible to insert implants into the posterior region of the jaw, the implants are inserted into the esthetic area at a certain angle so that they are able to support all of the pressure of a fixed bridge . So, this is the solution for stability that allows you to bite properly at any time without worries.

What is the procedure of this procedure?

1st visit: During the first visit, your dental surgeon will perform a consultation on the condition of your teeth, following this he will ask you to perform a panoramic radio.

After the diagnosis, it gives you an idea about the costs of the procedure. If you accept the offer, you can begin the care: pulling teeth (if not a toothless mouth), placing implants and abutments, imprinted for temporary fixed prosthesis.

2nd to 3rd day: fixed prosthesis.


5th day: control of the healing state.

2nd visit, after healing (2 to 4 months): a new radio control is requested, so it would be possible to perform tooth tests, laying metal-ceramic crowns on implants for 5 days of work.

The advantages of the All-on-6 technique

  • Immediately chargeable
  • Restoration without palate
  • Fixed teeth on the same day
  • No removable restoration
  • The local bone is used optimally
  • Shortened processing time.

Price of the operation in Turkey

Indeed, the cost of the intervention will vary according to the case of the patient. We recommend you to request your personalized quote with our specialists. Rest assured, Turquie Santé  negotiates for you the best prices.



Last update : 21/08/2019
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