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Info and prices Dental Bridge

Definition of a dental bridge:

Bridge is an English word. This is a fixed dental prosthesis to replace one or lot of teeth while relying on the teeth on either side of the missing tooth creating a bridge.

What is the material used?

  • Metal bridge: usually placed posteriorly because of its unsightly color
  • Metal ceramic bridge: the metal screed is covered with ceramic
  • Ceramic ceramic bridge: entirely ceramic

What are the types of bridge?

There are two types of bridge:

  • Classical Bridge: Placed by a dentist on nearby cut teeth
  • Bonded bridge: This bridge will be glued to the abutment teeth.

What are the advantages of bridge?

  • The bridge can replace one or more teeth.
  • It is less expensive than an implant
  • It is aesthetic because it has a hue very close to real teeth.

What are the disadvantages of a bridge?

  • The sacrifice of two healthy teeth; Healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth will be devitalized and trimmed.
  • In the absence of root of the missing tooth, the bone of the gum will retract which will make the installation of a possible implant very difficult.
  • Bridge is not reimbursed by health insurance

How to put a bridge?

The dentist begins with a stomatological examination. It heals the missing area and extracts any remaining tooth tips. Then he makes a dental impression with a paste that will be sent to the prosthetist. Finally, he puts the bridge.

How much does a bridge cost in Turkey ?

The costs include the surgeon's fees, the price of the bridge, which depends on the material used, and the costs of any examinations. Turquie Santé  negotiates for its patients the best prices and the most advantageous conditions for your dental bridge surgery in Turkey.



Last update : 25/08/2019
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