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Breast cancer treatment in Turkey, Costs of specialists in Istanbul Clinics

The most typical malignancy in women is breast cancer. However, if it is diagnosed and treated at an early age, the survival rates are more likely to increase.

Cancer refers to the existence of unusual cells whose origin is abnormal, which grow autonomously. In the case of breast cancer, cells can persist in the breast or spread to the body through the blood or lymph vessels.

Breast cancer treatment in Turkey can combine several types of treatment: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy or hormone therapy.

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    Causes, symptoms & surgery prices in Istanbul

    Several causes and factors are responsible for increasing the risk of breast cancer. The genetic factor is the most recognized. Women whose family members have been victims of cancer are more likely to be affected as well.

    Age and way of life are significant determinants as well and should not be disregarded.

    What causes breast cancer?

    The probability of breast cancer raise with age; most breast cancers occur after age 50. Cases of breast cancer are not inheritable, but genes known as BRCA1 and BRCA2 can raise your risk of getting both breast and ovarian cancer. These genes can be transmitted from a parent to a child.

    What are the symptoms to watch out for?

    The majority of cancer tumors can be discovered by the ladies themselves. Thus, a woman needs to recognize any symptoms in her breast during her menstrual cycle.

    It would be essential to do a simple test with the arm up, while massaging your breast, to check for the presence of a cyst or a ball of fat.

    You can also resort to a nuclear exam for the early detection of tumors.

    How much does mastectomy (breast cancer surgery) cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

    Several exams can be needed before undergoing a mastectomy, the breast cancer surgery in Turkey. The clinical oncologist usually associates these exams with some cancer care, including:

    This would impact the cost and the price of the surgery and the entire treatment.

    What types of mastectomy specialists can perform?

    There are five types of breast cancer surgeries that the medical oncologist can perform in such cases, which are:

    • Total Mastectomy (or simple mastectomy)
    • Radical Mastectomy
    • Modified Radical Mastectomy
    • Lumpectomy (Partial Mastectomy or breast preservation surgery)
    • Nipple-sparing Mastectomy

    Before resorting to treatment, a biopsy must first be performed to find out which treatment to use. The biopsy consists of taking a sample of a piece of the tumor to carry out examinations on it.

    Simple mastectomy consists in removing the whole breast, but the surgeon spares the muscles. A lumpectomy consists of removing the parts of the breast tissue that contains the cancerous cells.

    On the other hand, radical mastectomy consists of removing breast tissue, lymph nodes, and the chest wall muscles. However, in the modified radical mastectomy, the specialist spares the muscles that are under the breast.

    Finally, the nipple-sparing mastectomy is a total mastectomy where the surgeon spares the nipple.

    Is there a possibility that men have a mastectomy?

    Men can also experience breast cancer. The disease is rare, with 1% of all cancers and 0.5% of human tumors in Turkey. As a result, patients, and physicians rarely think of this potential when a man has a consultation because of pain or caliber in one breast.

    The diagnosis of the disease can often be delayed, leading to the discovery of an advanced tumor that is difficult to cure.

    Breast Cancer Treatment: Best cost & specialists in Turkey's Hospitals & Clinics

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    Frequently asked questions
    • Obesity: fatty tissue raises the risks of appearance of cancer cells in the breasts;
    • Taking hormonal contraceptives over a long period;
    • Hormonal treatment of menopause;
    • Late pregnancy or lack of pregnancy;
    • Alcoholism
    • The consumption of meats rich in fat;
    • Type 2 diabetes.

    Examine your breasts using rotating movements with your fingers, starting at the outer part of the breast and working your way up to the nipple. You should also examine your armpits and your upper and lower part of the breast.

    Breast cancer is treated in our clinics in Turkey with different methods, including:

    • Mastectomy: surgery to remove the breast;
    • Radiotherapy: or irradiation, a locoregional treatment of cancers.
    • Chemotherapy: the use of certain chemicals to destroy cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying such as alkylating agents, antimetabolites, mitotic spindle agents.
    • Hormonal therapy: an anti-cancer treatment that acts on certain hormones that promote the appearance of breast cancer (estrogen).
    • Targeted therapies: these are medicines that can destroy only cancer cells.

    Surgery that retains most of the mammary tissue is called lumpectomy or breast-conserving surgery. It is often followed by radiotherapy.

    Yes ! There is a mammary tissue in the male breast similar to the female's one. As a result, cancer cells can very well grow there. Indeed, breast cancer accounts for 0.5% of male cancers.

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