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Prostate cancer is a common and serious pathology. She is mortal. But if treatment is initiated at an early stage the prognosis becomes better. Hence the usefulness of a complementary examination that directs the therapeutic management.

What is a PET scan at Gallium68?

PET Scan is an innovative and extremely sensitive technique in medical imaging. It is the combination of a "Positron Emission Tomography" (PET) camera and a scanner (Scan) in a single PET-Scan device to visualize the metabolic processes in the body as well as the anatomical sections of the body .

A product called intravenous tracer is administered, the action of this tracer can be followed using PET. One of the tracers used for prostate cancer is gallium68.

What are the properties of the Gallium68 68Ga?

The 68Ga is obtained by means of a generator. It has a short half-life of 68 minutes. You should know that the cost is a little high and it is often not reimbursed by medical insurance. Rest assured, the price of this type of medical imaging is cheaper in Turkey than in other countries in Europe.

What is so special about PET Scan during prostate cancer?

Our target is prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) which is a transmembrane protein. Its expression is increased by cancer cells during the tumor process. The principle is to associate a radioisotope tracer, 68Ga, with a PSMA inhibitor and detects its degradation by means of a PET camera to detect cancer cells with increased expression of PSMA. After intravenous injection of Galium 68 one waits one hour before taking the images.

In practical terms, most applications are for patients who have recurrence after surgical treatment of prostate cancer.

Price of the pet-scan in Turkey

The price of a PET SCAN varies from case to case, it is the doctor who is the only person able to estimate whether you need to perform this kind of examination or not. From us, we put you in contact with recognized specialists in Turkey to offer you the best healing plan.

We also negotiate for you the best prices and conditions for your medical stay in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya.


Last update : 20/10/2019
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