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Mastectomy in Turkey, Prices of breast removal in Istanbul Clinics

Mastectomy is the surgery used to remove, totally or only partially, a breast (or a mammary gland). Usually, it is women who undergo a mastectomy. However, it is not excluded that men also need it, because breast cancer is not an exclusively female tumor.

Mastectomy in Turkey has become a promising treatment option, attracting patients from all over the world.

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Mastectomy Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • Individuals with breast cancer
  • People at high risk of developing a breast tumor
Side effects
  • Bleeding, hematoma, stiffness
  • Infection arm swelling
  • Armpit numbness
  • Chronic Pain
  • Hard scar tissue
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • From 1 h to 3 h
Recovery time
  • Duration of hospitalization: from 1 to 7 days

Mastectomy: what is it?

Mastectomy is the surgical removal of a breast. This procedure, in most cases, is necessary for women with breast cancer or at high risk of developing it.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Indeed, it is therefore easy to understand the importance of a mastectomy for therapeutic purposes.

There are different operating modes. Certainly, the choice of one method rather than another belongs to the surgeon and depends on the severity of the tumor.

The removal of one or both breasts can lead to various inconveniences, especially in women. Therefore, it is also possible to opt for breast reconstruction surgery.

Peculiarities of breast removal in Turkey

Mastectomy for breast cancer is performed in Turkey when:

  • The tumor mass is large and disproportionate to the affected breast
  • The tumor has formed in several places on the breast
  • The tumor lesion (ductal carcinoma in situ) affected a large part of the breast

Once the tumor is diagnosed, it is necessary to intervene quickly to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.

Breast removal in Turkey can also be preventative. In other words, it can be performed in women who, although they do not have breast cancer, have a high risk of developing it.

For those who are not at high risk, mastectomy is not recommended.

The preoperative phase of the mastectomy

In Turkey, before undergoing the mastectomy, in some cases, it is necessary to undergo sessions of chemotherapy and hormone therapy, to reduce the mass and perform less invasive surgery. Chemotherapy is a therapy that aims to kill rapidly growing cells, including cancer cells. Hormone therapy, on the other hand, is used to block the activity of estrogen hormones, one of the main causes of breast cancer.

Explanations of mastectomy surgery

Before operating, the attending physician must explain to the patient the entire procedure that she is about to undergo, including the possibility of breast reconstruction. This phase should not be overlooked. Indeed, patients must psychologically accept what awaits them.

Before undergoing the operation, you must:

  • Go on an empty stomach to cope with general anesthesia
  • Preoperative check-up (to assess the patient's health condition)

Performing breast removal in Turkey

There are several types of mastectomy. The choice of one rather than another depends on the area of ​​the breast affected by the tumor and the severity of the latter. The most severe tumors require significant export, not only of the mammary gland, but also of the axillary lymph nodes and pectoral muscles on which the breast rests. When the tumor is limited, it is possible to act in a less invasive way.

In all cases, regardless of the type of mastectomy performed, it is necessary to undergo general anesthesia.

Results of the operation

Thanks to recent advances in surgical techniques, mastectomy guarantees excellent results. Indeed, healing is a more than concrete hypothesis, the risks associated with surgery are contained and remission occurs very quickly.
However, the success of the tumor operation also depends on the severity of the tumor and its early or late diagnosis. In other words, advanced breast cancer, even if it undergoes an exemplary mastectomy, still has a high chance of having a bad outcome.

Types of mastectomy

The different methods of breast removal are:

  • Standard mastectomy: the entire breast is removed, but not the axillary lymph nodes and pectoral muscles
  • Mastectomy with preservation of the mammary gland with the areola and nipple removed, but more skin tissue is "saved" as possible
  • Subcutaneous mastectomy (the mammary gland is removed, but not the areola and nipple)
  • Radical mastectomy (this is the most invasive method and involves the removal of the mammary gland, surrounding skin, axillary lymph nodes, and pectoral muscles)
  • Modified radical mastectomy (complete removal of the mammary gland, nipples, areola and lymph nodes, but spares the pectorals).

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