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MR-LINAC in Turkey, Cost of Istanbul Clinics

Although the revolution in radiotherapy has been marked by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, a more sophisticated innovative solution has just been invented to guide it. We are talking about MR-LINAC. This miraculous combination of MRI and linear particle accelerator (LINAC) provides unparalleled precision in cancer treatment.

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Who is this procedure for?
  • People with tumors that are difficult to locate
Side effects
  • Fatigue
  • Itching, flaking or redness of the skin
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Digestive problems
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • 45 min on average per session
Recovery time
  • Follow-up up to 5 years

What is MR-LINAC?

MR-LINAC technology is a fusion of two treatments, one of which targets the tumor with great precision using high-energy linear beams, thus speaking of the linear accelerator (LINAC). While the second, which is the imaging, via powerful radiation, ensures the destruction of cancer cells. However, despite the technological advancement of MRI, it does not provide the precision required for accurate visualization of the area to be treated when performed independently. For this reason, experts have combined the two procedures to give birth to MR-LINAC, the new technology that provides greater clarity and accuracy. It has proven to be effective even when the target internal organs are moving.

How does the treatment work?

MR-LINAC can be performed in our best clinics in Istanbul, at a competitive cost, following four steps:

Determining the dose required

The first step of the MR-LINAC procedure is to specify the tumor by taking MRI images or using a CT scanner in real time. These images are used to determine the radiation dose needed to destroy the tumor. The procedure then minimizes the risk of damage to other nearby tissues surrounding the cancer cells. Your clinical team will take care to ensure your safety during the procedure, such as wearing a patient gown and removing objects containing materials (jewelry, accessories, etc.).

Scheduling the MR-LINAC

The radiology staff will ensure that you receive the amount of radiation you need according to the prescribed dose. The team will determine the number of linear beams and the frequency of sessions required for the treatment. It will be based on a plan (treatment schedule) determined by advanced software. This technology allows thelinear acceleratorLINAC to direct the radiation to the tumor with great precision without affecting other healthy cells in the body.

Treatment with Guided Radiation Therapy

The radiation therapists at our partner clinics in Turkey will prepare you to begin your MRI treatment. This will take into account all movements of the tumor, tissues and internal organs. In fact, MR-LINAC makes it possible to keep the radiation beams focused on the treatment area even when the patient is breathing.

The combination of linear particle accelerator and MRI ensures control and adjustment of the radiation emitted to compensate for any drift in tumor position. The role of the MR-LINAC treatment is to deliver external radiation that passes through the human body without making it radioactive. The treatment plan will be adjusted after each session to account for any marked changes. All traces of the tumor's position will be kept to optimize analysis and treatment progress.

Indeed, MR-LINAC is an effective treatment when the tumor is mobile. This is the case of a tumor located in the abdomen where the cancerous cells are moving due to bowel or bladder failure. It is also indicated to locate the tumor in the lungs when the subject treated has just breathed. Same problem is considered when it comes to prostate tumor or cervical tumor following bladder filling. Therefore, MR-LINAC contributes to the improvement of the success rate of radiation oncologists in cancer control.

Treatment Follow-up

Monitoring your post-therapy condition is required to ensure the ongoing success of the treatment undergone. Your doctor who accompanies you throughout your treatment in Istanbul, Turkey, may require a follow-up that lasts up to 5 years. Unlike other countries, the MR-LINAC treatment's cost is unbeatable as our partner clinics in Turkey offer competitive prices with excellent quality of care.

Benefits of MRI and linear accelerator combo in Turkey

The MR-LINAC kit has several advantages, especially for cancer patients:

  • Short treatment time
  • Fewer side effects and inconveniences
  • Possibility to treat the affected areas with high doses without damaging the healthy tissues (case of prostate cancer which requires high doses of radiation to react effectively)
  • Integrate high-quality images to visualize the tumor accurately
  • Adaptation of the treatment to the shape and position of the tumor

How much does MR-LINAC cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Various types of tumors can be treated with this new technology in different stages, therefore, it is according to the development of the cancer and its typology that the cost will be set. Nevertheless, Turquie Santé allows you to have a personalized quote offered by experts in radiotherapy to estimate your medical stay in Turkey. You have just to click on the button "free consultation".

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