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Removal of Salivary Gland Tumor in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Cancer of the salivary glands is a rare pathology in which malignant (cancerous) cells originate in the tissues of the salivary glands. Exposure to certain types of radiation may increase the risk of saliva cancer.

Tests that examine the head, neck and inside of the mouth are used to detect and analyze salivary gland tumor in Turkey.

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    Removal of Salivary Gland Tumor Turkey
    Who is this procedure for?

    • People with Sialite or Sialosis.
    • Individuals with pleomorphic adenoma / monomorph, Warthin’s tumor.
    • Individuals with salivary gland cancer.
    • Patients with benign nerve, vascular or fatty tumours.

    Side effects

    • Bleeding or bruising
    • Partial or total facial paralysis
    • Frey syndrome
    • Loss of ear lobe sensitivity

    Alternative treatments
    • Cervical lymph node curage
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    •  3 hours
    Recovery time

    • Hospitalization for 3-5 days
    • An average rest period of 2 weeks

    What is a salivary gland tumour?

    Salivary gland cancer does not necessarily cause remarkable symptoms. Moreover, it is usually discovered during a regular dental examination or physical examination. The signs and symptoms listed below may be caused by cancer of the salivary glands or other conditions or pathologies. If you have any of the following symptoms, consult your doctor:

    • A generally painless lump in the area of the ear, jaw, lips, inside the mouth, or in the neck.
    • Fluid flowing from the ear.
    • Difficulty swallowing or opening mouth widely.
    • Numbness or weakness of the face.
    • Facial pain that does not go away.

    The use of surgery that may be followed by radiotherapy is usually the treatment designed for the majority of salivary gland cancers.

    Parotidectomy in Turkey prices

    What is a parotidectomy?

    Parotidectomy is a common operation in cervical-facial surgery. An appropriate incision and the determination of certain anatomical landmarks are essential to carefully locate the facial nerve to prevent the risk of facial paralysis, a potentially devastating condition with a significant impact on the patient's quality of life. The most common parameters of parotidectomy are benign and malignant tumours of the major salivary glands.

    The parotid gland consists of two lobes separated by the facial nerve: the superficial lobe and the deep lobe. Surgery that consists of resection of the tumour in the superficial lobe is called superficial parotidectomy. Surgery that involves the removal of the tumour in the deep lobe or the deep and shallow lobes is called a total parotidectomy. We grant you the lowest prices to carry out your intervention.

    The treatment of salivary glands in Istanbul

    The treatment of tumours of the parotid gland requires enormous precision on the part of your surgical team because the facial nerve is close and it is the one that controls the mobility of your face (ability to close your eyes, raise eyebrows and smile). On this, Turquie Santé guarantees you the best medical assistance and safety for a parotidectomy surgery and with the most experienced surgeons in Turkey and the world.

    The preservation of the facial nerve is an important priority when resecting a tumour of the parotid gland in Istanbul Turkey. The facial nerve is usually identified and protected during a parotidectomy.

    After performing the procedure, the patient may feel moderate pain and may be relieved by analgesic treatment. Mild oedema is normal. If there is a risk of infection, antibiotics may be prescribed. The duration of hospitalization is between 3 and 5 days, and a rest period of 2 weeks is necessary.

    Potential risks of treatment

    Rare complications may occur after surgery:

    • Meticulous bleeding or hematoma that may require additional intervention to control bleeding.
    • A probability of decreased mobility or paralysis of the facial muscles.
    • A decrease or loss of sensitivity of the earlobe. This phenomenon is usually short-lived, but sometimes physical therapy is needed to restore full mobility of the earlobe.
    • Surgical site infection.
    • Frey syndrome: It is gustative perspiration. Patients report swelling of the face and perspiration in the surgical area of the parotidectomy during a diet.
    • Permanent facial paralysis is exceptional.
    • First Bite Syndrome (FBS): painful spasm of the parotid region occurring at the first bite during chewing and decreasing thereafter. This pain usually accompanies each meal.
    • A frequent loss of sensation around the ear, especially the lobule. A significant but incomplete improvement is expected within a year.
    • Trismus: Transient and mild inflammation of the master muscle.

    The best parotidectomy clinics in Turkey & Istanbul

    Medical treatment plays a minor role in the treatment of most parotid diseases, so surgery remains the cornerstone of treatment. Parotidectomy is a complex procedure with functional, aesthetic and potentially oncological considerations.

    Find with Turquie Santé the best clinics in Istanbul Turkey, characterized by knowledge of relevant anatomy, preoperative optimization, facial nerve identification techniques and complications, which will allow surgeons to treat safely and effectively patients requiring parotidectomy.

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