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Cancer refers to the existence of unusual cells whose origin is abnormal, which grow autonomously. In the case of breast cancer, cells can persist in the breast or spread to the body through the blood or lymph vessels.

For the majority of patients, the development of breast cancer goes through several stages, this progression can take months or even years.

Risk Factors

Several factors are involved in the risk of increasing breast cancer

The genetic factor is the most recognized. Women whose family members have been victims of cancer are more likely to be affected as well.

Age and lifestyle are also important factors, they should not be neglected.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer: Symptoms to watch out for

The majority of cancer tumours is discovered by the ladies themselves. Thus, it is essential for a woman to recognize any changes in her breast during your menstrual cycle.

It would be important to do a simple test with the arm up, while massaging your breast, check for the presence of a cyst or a ball of fat.

Is there a Possibility that Men have Breast Cancer?

Men can have breast cancer. The disease is rare, with 1% of all cancers and 0.5% of human tumours. As a result, patients and physicians rarely think of this potential when a man has a consultation because of a pain or caliber in one breast.

In fact, the diagnosis of the disease is often delayed, leading to the discovery of an advanced tumour that is difficult to cure.

Some figures

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in Turkey and Istanbul. The number of cases observed each year has decreased since 2006. Even though this disease remains the leading cause of death among women in 2014, the 5-year survival will reach 99% if it is detected at an early stage.

What are the required treatments?

Surgery was performed on 85% of patients who detect this kind of cancer at an early stage. The removal of a small tumour is the main objective of the surgery.

In order to weed out the remaining cancer cells, the doctor may advise you to have a radiation therapy. In addition, chemotherapy may be recommended in case the cancer spreads.

Is Breast Reconstruction needed?

Plastic and reconstructive surgery provides patients with considerable help through finding a chest similar to the one they had before surgery. More and more cancer services are integrating a plastic surgeon into their team to advise patients on breast reconstruction in the best conditions. The surgeon’s advice will be based on the kind of treatment, the state of the skin and muscles, and the treatments that are performed after the surgery.

The Price of Breast Cancer Treatment in Turkey and Istanbul

With Turquie santé, you benefit from the best care plans to cure your disease at any stage. Don’t delay sending your medical file to our partner clinics. They will answer you as soon as possible with the treatments to carry out as well as custom quotes for your particular case.

Last update : 01/04/2020
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