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Info and prices Dental Facet

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What is a dental facet ?

It's a   artifice in the form of a prosthesis, manufactured; in ceramics, composite resin or porcelain. Dental faceting is a dental treatment that is performed in a practice or clinic.



The dental facet is used; hide the defects of visible teeth. It allows   improve alignment and change the shape and complexion. The goal is to contribute a nice smile.




Who can beneficiate from this treatment?


This is an effective solution for those who have a history of one or more visible teeth (incisors, canines or molars). It may be too pronounced, such as malposition (spacing or overlap) or abnormal shape (too short or furred teeth). This treatment is possible ’ all &g age.  




How do we go about it?


This aesthetic intervention usually requires 3 sessions. During the first consultation the dentist examines the patient well and gives him / her advice about the feasibility ó and the choice of facets. Then he takes teething impressions to make custom facets. During the second semester the dentist prunes the e-mail and poses transitional facets.



Finally, the third meeting is devoted to: the pose of the final facets under local anesthesia. This last step is the longest it can last until you reach the end of it. 2 à 3 hours. The composite resin facets are prepared by the dentist, the others are made in the laboratory. The installation is fast and is safe.




What are the advantages compared to other conventional treatments?



facets offer a better result than whitening especially when it comes to a complexion too pronounced. In addition, they have a longer life span, so the majority clinical studies show that 95% remain in place after 12 years while whitening lasts only 3%; 6 months.

They also cause less loss of substance than crowns. In short, they can correct any abnormalities (complexion, shape, spacing) in one treatment without any risk to the gums and natural teeth. This treatment offers an immediate result, the dentition becomes well aligned and the smile becomes blissful.




How to maintain one's teeth after surgery?


Their maintenance does not require good oral hygiene; regular brushing 2 > 3 times a day à ugly a brush à quality tooth ó and a tare once a year. It is recommended ó to do regular checks at the dentist. The dental facets are very resistant and unalterable, no food is likely to yellow them. In case of bruxism, it is imperative to wear a night protection gutter.




What is the price in Turkey ?


Dental veneering is an easy treatment with no constraint or optic pain. It is good for a healthy and healthy aesthetic choice.



The price of dental facet in Turkey depends on the number of teeth ag correct by facets and the association with other aesthetic treatments. You can request a custom quote for your case. Turkey Sant ó negotiates for you the best prices for your dental facet intervention; Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya.



Last update : 23/08/2019
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