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Eye enucleation surgery in Turkey, Cost & Clinics

Eye enucleation is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the eyeball, reinsertion of motor muscles, and fixation on a tissue-covered sphere. It is recommended for injury, clumsiness, or pain, and is mandatory for endocular tumor patients.

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    Eye enucleation surgery Turkey
    Who is this procedure for?

    People with:

    • Cancer
    • Severe unglaucoma
    • Ophthalmic melanoma
    Side effects
    • The hemorrhage
    • The hematoma
    • The infection
    • Scar disunity
    Alternative treatments

    Causes of eye enucleation

    Eye enucleation is done to remove large eye tumors or follow an injury after severe trauma or also a blow if the eye cannot be saved, and in eyes that have lost the ability to see, causing pain. . In the case of tumors, the amount of radiation needed to clear them from the eye is too intense. Indeed, the eye is a very fragile organ, that cannot withstand the amount of radiation used. Thus, many patients treated with radiation therapy may lose their vision after a few months or even years, and eventually, they end up having an operation to remove their eyes.

    Procedure of enucleation surgery

    Indeed, eye removal is usually performed under local anesthesia. This anesthesia around the eyes is similar to that used in dentistry. A strong anesthetic will be given into a vein so that the patient feels nothing. In addition, a local anesthetic will be injected behind the eye, the effects of which usually last about 12 hours. After local anesthesia, the level of intravenous sedation will be reduced. However, it will be maintained to reduce the patient's anxiety during the surgery.

    The surgeon will measure the dimensions of the eyeball, the length of the optic nerve, and the horizontal dimensions of the cornea and will draw the eyeball before opening it. A dissecting microscope will be used to detect the main features and possible small lesions. Therefore, the eye is opened with a sharp blade, holding the eyeball with the left hand.

    The eye removal operation is performed in the form of a back-and-forth diffusion movement, and the incision area begins on the side adjacent to the optic nerve and ends at the tip of the cornea. The area of the incision depends on whether a lesion is detected. Otherwise, the ball will be cut along a horizontal plane.

    Types of ocular tumors 

    Two types of tumors require eye removal :

    • Eye melanoma

    This is a rare type of cancer, in which the melanocyte cells of the eye become affected. In fact, when the melanocytes become cancerous, the cancer is called melanoma. If the tumor reaches the iris and begins to grow, or if symptoms appear, the eye must be removed.

    • Retinoblastoma

    Retinoblastoma is a malignant tumor that affects the retina. It is a thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye, captures light, and forms images. If cancer occurs in one eye, the treatment may be an ocular ablation performed by removing large tumors when there is no hope that vision can be preserved. Once cancer is found in both eyes, treatment will consist of removing the eye with the larger tumor, and radiation therapy will be considered for the other eye.

    Complications of surgery

    Eye removal surgery is a well-conducted surgery. Patients rarely experience major complications:

    • Bleeding
    • An infection
    • Scars
    • Constant swelling and pain
    • Wound separation, or the need for additional surgery

    Complications can also occur during eye transplantation in patients who have had their eyes removed. Among these risks is the risk of infection.

    Over two to six weeks, patients wear a temporary ocular prosthesis (plastic eye). Once the swelling and darkness around the eye subside, the patient appears with natural vision. After putting on the prosthesis, he feels satisfied with the external appearance.

    Eye enucleation prices at top clinics in Istanbul, Turkey

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