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Cannabis dependence - Advanced addiction treatment & support in Turkey

Cannabis use is steadily increasing, especially among young people. This trend has led to growing concern about the addiction problems associated with this substance. Cannabis dependence can have serious consequences for physical and mental health, and can also disrupt professional and personal relationships.

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    Treatment of cannabis dependence Turkey

    What is cannabis dependence?

    Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant that contains chemicals called cannabinoids. The main cannabinoid responsible for the psychotropic effects of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

    When cannabis is consumed, THC finds its way to receptors in the brain and produces mood and mind-altering effects. These effects can include euphoria, relaxation, altered sensory perception, and pain relief.

    Cannabis addiction, also known as marijuana dependence, occurs when regular use of this substance alters brain function and creates psychological and sometimes even physical dependence. 

    The euphoric effects of cannabis can lead to excessive use and loss of control, resulting in an addiction that interferes with daily life.

    Signs of cannabis addiction

    It's important to recognize the signs of cannabis addiction so that you can intervene quickly and provide appropriate help. Some common signs include

    • Regular, excessive use of cannabis.
    • Difficulty stopping or reducing use.
    • Problems with memory and concentration.
    • Lack of interest in activities once enjoyed.
    • Relationship and social problems related to cannabis use.

    Marijuana withdrawal: Symptoms and Effects

    When individuals stop using marijuana, they may experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can vary in severity and duration depending on the individual's use patterns and physiological makeup. Common cannabinoid withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Irritability and mood swings
    • Insomnia and sleep disturbances
    • Loss of appetite and weight loss
    • Cravings for cannabis
    • Headaches and difficulty concentrating
    • Indigestion and nausea

    Cannabis withdrawal can have a significant impact on a person's overall well-being. Physical and emotional symptoms can disrupt daily routines and make it difficult to focus on work, relationships, and personal goals. The effects can vary from person to person, ranging from mild discomfort to more intense episodes of anxiety or depression.

    The different approaches to cannabis treatment in Turkey

    Our partner clinics in Turkey offer various treatment options for cannabis addiction. These include:

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) provides a safe and confidential space to explore the thoughts, feelings, and underlying factors that contribute to cannabis addiction. This approach focuses on changing thought patterns and behaviors associated with marijuana use. 

    Learning new skills to manage stress, resist cravings, and avoid triggers can help people with addiction stay sober.

    Medical Detox Programs

    Detoxification programs in Turkey are often recommended for people with severe cannabis addiction. These programs provide medical guidance and constant supervision to help ease the withdrawal process. Participants may receive medication and psychological support to manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of relapse.

    Residential Rehabilitation

    In some cases, residential rehab may be recommended to treat cannabis addiction in Turkey. 

    These programs provide a residential environment where participants can focus entirely on their recovery. They benefit from 24-hour supervision, medical care, and a full range of individual and group therapies.

    Alternative Therapies

    In addition to traditional treatments, some people in Turkey may choose to explore alternative therapies to treat cannabis addiction. These therapies may include acupuncture, art therapy, meditation, and yoga. Although scientific evidence on the effectiveness of these alternative therapies is limited, some people may find it beneficial to supplement their traditional treatment with these approaches.

    Finding help and hope

    Cannabis addiction can seem overwhelming, but it's essential to understand that recovery is possible with the right support and resources. Here are some important steps to finding help and hope:

    • Recognize the problem: Admitting that cannabis addiction is a problem is the first step toward recovery.
    • Seek professional treatment: Consult a qualified healthcare professional in Turkey for personalized assessment and treatment recommendations.
    • Join a support group: Participating in support groups can be a valuable source of support, understanding, and encouragement.
    • Cultivate healthy activities: Find new activities that give you pleasure and help you maintain a balanced, sober life.
    • Surround yourself with support: Build a strong support network by surrounding yourself with positive, caring people.

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