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Amphetamine Addiction Treatment in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Treatment of amphetamine dependency at a clinic in Turkey: all you need to know

Amphetamines are substances with bronchodilator and psychostimulant properties. Long used for military purposes and for the treatment of ADHD, these substances were sold without a prescription until 1955.

Among their derivatives we can list Ecstasy (MDMA) and Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth). Amphetamines can be found in nature as the cathinone contained in the leaves of Catha Edulis (The Khat). This plant, cultivated in the countries bordering the south of the Red Sea, contains a very addictive natural amphetamine.

Treatment of addiction to amphetamines in addictology clinics in Istanbul had proven to be effective. Thanks to the advisers of Turquie Santé you will be in the hands of the best psychologists, psychiatrists and addictology specialists.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment Turkey

What is amphetamine?

There are several amphetamine-based medicines such as dextroamphetamine, lisdexamfetamine, methylphenidate and mixed salts of amphetamine. Methylphenidate (MPH),for example, is a psychostimulant intended for the treatment of attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity. It also boosts the activity of the central nervous system. Other drugs have similar properties such as cocaine, ecstasy, and caffeine.

Amphetamines are also known as bennies, crystal, ice, and speed.

In its pure state, this drug comes in a bitter, white powder that can be inhaled, injected, smoked or ingested.

Regular misuse of amphetamine-based drugs leads to tolerance. This means that you need to increase the dose in order to get the same sensations. Regular use of this drug can quickly lead to addiction.

What are the consequences of speed addiction?

The consequences of dependence on bennies can be classified into two categories:

Short-term consequences

  • Malignant hyperthermia, convulsions, coma, heart failure and intracerebral hemorrhage (in the event of an overdose);
  • Risk of contracting infections such as hepatitis or HIV (sharing syringes);
  • Blurred vision and dizziness.

Long-term consequences

Long-term consumption of amphetamines can lead to physical and mental disorders. These substances, which can suppress the feeling of hunger and fatigue, can lead to vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.

They can also cause sleep disturbances.

Other effects can also be seen in people addicted to bennies such as:

  • Hallucinations;
  • Paranoia;
  • Aggressive behavior;
  • Ulcer;
  • Skin problems (pallor or red patches on the skin).

How can I help someone addicted to speed?

When it comes to speed addiction, there are warning signs. For example, you will notice that your friend or loved one has lost weight or his appetite. You may also notice injection marks on his arms or red patches on his skin. If the person works or studies with you, you will notice their absenteeism and the drop in performance. This person may also have financial problems because they spend all their savings on the purchase of the drug.

In this case you have to do:

  • Bring up the subject with the person;
  • Before talking to your friend or loved one, find out about the addiction to better prepare yourself for its reaction;
  • Show the person that you care for them;
  • There may be hidden reasons for his speed addiction such as depression or trauma. Listen to him;
  • You have to be patient. Because a drug addict is always on the defensive. Show her that you will always be there for her;
  • Be empathetic and open in your approach to the topic. Your friend or loved one should not feel judged or misunderstood.

Substance abuse is a clinical problem that requires the intervention of a healthcare professional. The best thing you can do for your friend or loved one is to refer them to a specialized doctor.

Motivate your friend or loved one to ask for help. You can help him by offering to contact Turquie Santé counselors for effective advice. We will direct him to the best hospitals and clinics offering the best amphetamine addiction treatment programs in Istanbul.

Treatment of amphetamine addiction at a hospital in Turkey: what are the steps?

Treatment of speed addiction is symptomatic. The latter depends on the type of consumption and the patient's conditions, for example:

Medical use

If the patient is taking amphetamines under prescription and medical supervision, their health should be reassessed and the prescription modified if necessary. This procedure is done with the specialist doctor who already takes care of it.

Addictive misuse

In the event of misuse leading to addiction, the patient is followed by a psychiatrist-addictologist and a psychotherapist.

Overdose (Intoxication)

In the case of poisoning, the patient is treated by ingestion of activated charcoal or by gastric lavage. The attending physician may also acidify the urine to speed up the elimination of toxins.

Other measures are needed such as:

  • Hydration;
  • In case of fever, the patient's body is cooled with ice packs or with an injection of Dantrolene, in intensive care.

Treatment of long-term effects

The psychiatrist administers benzodiazepine tranquilizers or neuroleptics to the patient. If the anxiety or hallucinations do not subside, antipsychotic therapy is given to the patient. The attending physician may also give him anticonvulsant if he is having seizures, or if he has convulsions.

If the patient has hypertensive crises, the doctor may add an antihypertensive drug to the treatment.

Then the patient will be referred to a psychotherapist and a support group in order to maintain his withdrawal.

Treatment of amphetamine dependence in Turkey: avoiding relapse after remission

Continue with the group therapy sessions. Remission from an addiction does not happen overnight. You should therefore continue to see your doctor and therapist to keep them informed of your progress.

Also celebrate your success. You can treat yourself to a nice dinner or a weekend by the sea. You can also celebrate your success by having a party with your friends.

However, you have to surround yourself with the right people. Build healthy friendships and strong relationships. Avoid people who have introduced you to amphetamine use.

It is just as effective to register for a sporting activity, join a charity or a religious organization. Find goals to achieve and challenges overcoming.

Watch for warning signs. If you slip up, try not to beat yourself up too much. You've already beaten amphetamine, so you can do it again. Just ask for help immediately.

Treatment of speed addiction at a clinic in Turkey: is it confidential?

You can safely entrust your medical file to healthcare professionals in Istanbul. Confidentiality is a fundamental right for all patients and professional obligation governed by law in Turkey. Protecting patients' personal data is a priority.

In fact, you even have the choice to contact us anonymously and no personal information will be requested. Once you are in the hospital or clinic, your anonymity will be maintained. This will allow your contacts to communicate with you using a pseudonym or code.

In addition to the highly respected confidentiality in healthcare facilities in Turkey, these are very comfortable. Equipped with high-end medical equipment, hospitals and clinics in Istanbul  have obtained ISO and JCI certificates. Your stay in Turkey for amphetamine detoxification will therefore be very good.

Treatment of amphetamine addiction in Turkey: the cost

The price of a speed detox treatment stay in Istanbul varies according to the condition of each patient. Each patient requires personalized treatment for better efficiency. The length of medical treatment also differs from patient to patient.

However, Turkey is famous for its health facilities which offer good medical care at affordable prices. Your health is priceless, only it is possible to free yourself from your addiction while saving your money.

Contact Turquie Santé for advice and a totally free personalized quote.

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Frequently asked questions

These are stimulating substances that accelerate brain activity.

It is an amphetamine-based drug secretly synthesized in secret laboratories. As a result, its content is often impure and uncertain. Amphetamine is the main component of Speed.

Of course ! This is an absolute right. Healthcare establishments in Turkey have an obligation to keep the medical privacy of their patients and to guarantee the security of their personal data.

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