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Iris repair surgery in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The iris is the part of the eye that gives it its color and is located behind the cornea. It has in its center a hole called a pupil, which narrows and expands (grows) in particular according to the brightness. The iris, in addition to the choroid and the ciliary body, is part of the uvea which represents the anterior region of the eye.

In such cases, individuals may seek specialized procedures like iris repair surgery in Turkey, where advanced medical techniques and skilled professionals offer solutions to restore vision and eye health.

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Iris repair surgery Turkey

Diseases of the iris

The iris can be affected by several diseases. Some of them are mild and can be treated quickly with medication. However, other iris abnormalities can have serious consequences such as reduced acuity and even loss of sight.

Among the various pathologies that affect this part of the eyes:

  • Iris depigmentation.
  • Iritis.
  • Uveitis.
  • Mydriasis.

Symptoms of uveal infections

Iris infections usually result from an infection of the uvea. They are characterized by redness in the eyes, but also by a slight decrease in vision. Other symptoms may appear, for example:

  • Severe pain in the eye.
  • Congestion and tension in the eye.
  • Redness around the cornea.
  • Irregular pupil size.
  • Great photophobia (sensitivity to light).

Treatment of infections

Treatment for iritis or uveitis depends on the cause of the infection and its type. Usually, the ophthalmologist will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs as well as eye drops to reduce inflammation in the eyes. In some cases, the doctor may add antibiotics if uveitis is related to an infectious disease.

Iris repair surgery

The fluid responsible for the pressure in the eye travels through the pupil and then the space between the iris and the cornea. Interruption of this circulation (narrow iridocorneal angle) due to an iris abnormality can lead to increased eye pressure and cause blindness. To overcome this, two types of surgery are necessary:

Laser iridotomy

Iridotomy is a prescribed procedure in the event of a narrow iridocorneal angle detected during an ophthalmologic examination. The purpose of this operation is to move the iris forward by pushing it forward so that the liquid no longer flows out of the eyes.

In addition, laser iridotomy helps clear and widen the iridocorneal angle to reduce eye pressure and prevent it from increasing. It is also used to prevent a chronic form of glaucoma called chronic angle closure glaucoma.

Iridoplasty surgery

Iridoplasty is an intervention that aims to unblock and unblock the iridocorneal angle. This laser eye surgery is used to complete or replace the iridotomy if it is not sufficient. It is practiced in just one session and the results are visible quickly.

How the eye surgery is carried out in Istanbul? 

The surgery is usually done in two sessions in Istanbul, with a few days between them. During the operation, the patient is placed in front of the device in a seated position. The ophthalmologist gives drops for local anesthesia that allows him to apply a glass to the eye.

After the laser procedure, your doctor will prescribe drops and medicine tablets. In some cases, he may be forced to complete or even enlarge the iridotomy and iridoplasty. In other, rarer cases, surgery is required to supplement the laser.

Surgery results and operative risks

Even if the results are visible quickly, the final result can be assessed after a few days. The risk of high eye pressure as well as the risk of iridocorneal angle blockage no longer exists in most cases. Your eye doctor will prescribe treatment such as drops or tablets after your procedure.

Despite the fact that laser eye surgery shows satisfactory results and is standardized, it presents risks like any other surgery. Among these risks and complications :

  • Faintness.
  • Pains.
  • Hemorrhage.
  • Eye irritation and inflammation.
  • Appearance of luminous line.

Iris Repair Surgery in Turkey: Price & Reviews

The price of iris repair surgery usually depends on the abnormality affecting the iris or uvea and the type of surgery used. However, Turquie Santé offers you the services of the best eye clinics in Turkey that provide you the best care besides the lowest prices.

In addition to iris repair surgery, our clinics in Turkey and Istanbul offer other iris procedures such as eye colour change. But, also different ophthalmological treatments, such as the treatment of glaucoma.

Our patients reviews are made available to you to provide you with more details and information. To benefit from a free consultation and a personalized quote, simply click on the link below.

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