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Technology Addiction Treatment in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Technology addiction Treatment in Turkey: reviews and advices

Addiction has long been associated with chemical substances such as heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. Addictive behaviors today are not just about drugs dependency. Human beings develop clinical dependencies to video games or even social networks.

Technology dependency or “nomophobia” is now classified as a clinical disorder in several countries. In fact, in China, “nomophobia” is considered the first threat to public health.

Fortunately, like any other dependency, there is a cure for technology dependency. However, this can only be effective with the help of a doctor specialized in psychiatry or psychotherapy.

At Turquie Santé, we will direct you to the best hospitals specialized in addiction treatment in Istanbul.

Technology Addiction Treatment Turkey

What is technology addiction?

Nomophobia is sometimes called “adikphonia”, “screen addiction” or “cyber addiction”. It’s an addictive behavior related to devices connected to the Internet such as Smartphones, tablets or game consoles.

Although this dependency does not involve drugs, it has the same effects on the brain. It stimulates the same areas of the brain and influences the reward circuit in the same way as alcohol, for example.

There are two main categories of cyber addiction:

Video game addiction

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) Video game addiction is characterized by:

  • Excessive use of the game console (high frequency, long duration);
  • Giving up on daily activities (studying, showering, eating) for video games;
  • Maintaining the playful activity despite knowing its negative consequences.

Social media addiction

The signs that show that you are addicted to social media are:

  • The first thing you do when you wake up is check your notifications on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter;
  • You use terms commonly used in social networks, such as “I hit a like” or “I press follow”, in everyday life;
  • You create an account for your pet (very severe form of social media dependency);
  • If no one likes, comments or shares your posts, you get depressed;
  • You feel the need to immortalize every moment of your life with a "selfie" and share it on your accounts.

Other types of dependencies related to technology can be listed, such as:

  • Internet pornography addiction;
  • Addiction to online shopping, auctions and gambling;
  • “Infolism” (impulsive search for information);
  • Computer addiction in general.

The consequences of cyber addiction

We can classify the effects of technological dependence in two big categories:

The physical consequences of cyber addiction

  • Dry eyes;
  • Recurrent headaches (cephalalgia);
  • Ache in the area of the lumbar spin (lumbalgia);
  • Tingling in the thumb, index and middle fingers (carpal tunnel syndrome);
  • The dehydration ;
  • Thinness or overweight;
  • Poor personal hygiene;
  • Sleeping troubles ;
  • Exhaustion from severe undernutrition
  • Death due to suicide or malnutrition

The psycho-social consequences of cyber addiction

  • Feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety or depression;
  • Academic or professional failure;
  • Significant financial investment (purchases of digital devices, gaming tools, purchases of online items ..., etc.);
  • Breakup ;
  • inability to make relationships, irritability and isolation;

My child is addicted to technology: what to do?

If your child knows how to handle a tablet, computer or Smartphone, that means he is perfectly adapted to the modern world. However, if he's agile with a screen and doesn't know how to hold a pen, this may be a sign of internet dependency.

The reasons behind this dependency can be related to:

  • Loneliness, boredom, or low self-confidence;
  • Isolation of the child at home or at school.

These are the factors that can cause your child to find solace in the digital world. This way, he can escape reality and his problems seem bearable to him if he takes refuge behind a screen.

And yet, the excessive use of technology is a factor that can increase depression and anxiety. It is therefore not necessary to leave him delivered to his dependency because he will be trapped in this vicious circle. You should instead encourage him to confide in you about his problems.

To fight your child's internet addiction, here's what you can do:

  • Set daily schedules with him and a connection duration not to be exceeded;
  • Turn off social media notifications on his Smartphone;
  • Remove the screens in his bedroom or living room;
  • At night, ask all family members to put their phones in a basket;
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and replace the alarm on your child's phone with an analog alarm clock;
  • Sign him up for a sports activity, take him camping or bivouacking;
  • Organize Smartphone-free days with the family;
  • Be a role model! No matter how you behave, your child will imitate you.

If the situation remains the same despite everything, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. Because addictive behavior is often a sign of an underlying disorder that only a doctor can resolve.

Turquie Santé will put you in touch with the best hospitals and clinics specializing in the treatment of dependency in Istanbul.

Treatment of technology addiction in Turkey: stages and duration

Cyber dependency requires medical treatment similar to other dependency problems. Despite the absence of addictive substances, technological dependency alters the reward mechanism in the patient's brain. This pushes him to take refuge more in the virtual world.

There are four stages to treating technology dependency:

  • The stage of the medical and psychiatric examination;
  • The psychometric examination;
  • Pharmacotherapy;
  • Psychotherapy.

Before starting the treatment, the healthcare team will review your profile and your physical, emotional and behavioral condition.

This step is followed by a full medical examination. The treatment program is adapted to the result of your diagnosis. The intensive treatment program is 6 weeks internally. During this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand your addiction as a clinical disorder;
  • Become aware of the effects of your dependency on yourself and those around you;
  • Develop a prevention procedure to avoid relapses;
  • Learn to cope with the triggers (stress, anxiety, depression);
  • Then, weekly outpatient follow-up is offered to encourage the patient to return to his or her environment.

Throughout the treatment, therapeutic and medical monitoring is offered to the patient.

Cyber addiction treatment in a hospital in Turkey: is my confidentiality guaranteed?

The confidentiality of the patient's personal information is his inalienable right. Healthcare professionals in Turkey are committed to respecting professional secrecy.

Respect for medical confidentiality is a fundamental principle in specialized clinics in Istanbul. All the patient's personal information will not be revealed and only the patient can decide who will have access to it.

He will be able to follow his treatment without revealing his identity and his relatives can reach him via a code.

In addition to this, the patient will enjoy a pleasant stay because he will not feel like he is in a prison. He will feel comfortable and independent.

What is the cost of treating dependency on new technologies in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best destinations in the world for dependency treatment stays. This is due to the availability of hospitals and clinics offering a top-notch medical service. Private health facilities in Turkey are enforced with quality medical devices and highly skilled and experienced doctors

In addition to this, patients can also take advantage of medical care in Turkey at reduced cost. Indeed, the cost of treatment in a private health facility in Istanbul is lower compared to other countries.

You can therefore obtain a free cost estimate through the advisers of Turquie Santé.

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Frequently asked questions

The three terms are related to each other:

  • Cyber ​​addiction is the addiction to devices and functions linked to the Internet (social networks, virtual assistants, online shopping, information search ... and);
  • Technology addiction concerns addiction to video games, smartphones, tablets, computers and IT in general;
  • Nomophobia or adikphonia is phone addiction or the fear of losing your smartphone.

To decrease your child's dependence on technology, here's what you can do:

  • Avoid using your smartphone or tablet in front of him;
  • Limit its connection time (turn off Wi-Fi if necessary);
  • Enroll him in an extra-curricular activity, such as sports, singing or theater;
  • Seek help from a specialist when needed.

The price is affordable, however, it differs depending on the patient's profile and the duration of his stay.

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