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Tympanoplasty Turkey Istanbul

The eardrum is a very thin membrane located between the outer and middle ear. Being very fragile, it can be pierced. Causes of perforation of otitis media especially recurrent or mechanical or barometric injuries (scuba diving, explosion, etc.). Perforation is responsible for otalgia, otorrhea or otorragia. A decrease in hearing is frequently observed.

ENT Exam

By otoscopy, the specialist sees the breach of the eardrum and the flow of pus or blood. The decrease of hearing is objectified by audiometry. There is transmission deafness commensurate with the extent of the perforation. In most cases, the membrane is spontaneously repaired after etiological treatment. However, the perforation can be so important that the membrane does not close, at which point, we must operate.

What is tympanoplasty?

Tympanoplasty is a restorative surgery designed to repair the eardrum tears. It is performed under general anesthesia and lasts from 1 to 2 hours.
The surgeon approaches the middle ear to clean it and remove abnormal tissue. Then, he/she reconstructs the eardrum destroyed by an autograft. The tissues used are essentially the aponeurosis of the temporal muscle behind the ear, the envelope of the cartilage of the ear (called perichondre) or the cartilage itself.
The collected natural support is positioned at the level of the tympanic perforation. By capillarity, the remaining layer buds and closes the perforation. The choice of grafting material differs according to the size of the hole and the surgeon’s habits. Sutures are not required, but may be required to place an absorbable sponge to support the graft.

This operation is usually associated with ossiculoplasty, in case of impairment of the ossicular chain of the middle ear.

Post-surgical care

A medical examination is required after the operation. A dressing at the external auditory duct must be left in place and analgesic and antibiotic treatments prescribed.
The patient should avoid intense physical exertion for one month and any air travel for two months.
After two months, the patient must perform a clinical monitoring to check the eardrum’s complete closure before allowing swimming.

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Possible complications of tympanoplasty in Turkey and Istanbul

Pain, tinnitus, and dizziness are common immediately after surgery. Dizziness, deafness and peripheral facial paralysis may occur immediately after surgery. These complications are associated with immediate involvement of the inner ear at the time of the procedure.
Infectious complications can also occur in the form of purulent otorrhea or even meningitis.

Post-operative functional results

An audiogram check is necessary. Hearing results are generally favourable and the patient regains normal hearing.

Failure of the operation

Failure of tympanoplasty is rare provided that the ossicular chain and the inner ear are intact.

Prices and costs of tympanoplasty in Turkey & Istanbul

The price of the tympanoplasty operation includes the stay, the anesthesia costs and the surgeon’s fees, the price varies according to the clinic. You can request your custom quote.
Thanks to our international platform, doctors specialized in tympanoplasty in Turkey and Istanbul will answer you in a few minutes.

Last update : 28/03/2020

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