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Laryngeal surgery (total & partial laryngectomy) in Turkey| Clinics & Cost

The larynx is a vital organ in the respiratory and alimentary system, responsible for phonation and separating the pulmonary and digestive tracts. Its vocal cords are held by arytenoid cartilages and protected by thin skin.

During the swallowing stage, automatic movement influences the larynx. It locks the glottic cleft and the valve closes the die. The food bolus then enters the larynx area (piriform sinus) and is pushed towards the esophagus.

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    Laryngeal surgery Turkey
    Who is this procedure for?

    People with:

    • Voice disorders
    • Glottal cancer
    Side effects
    • Thyroid gland disorders
    • Excess mucus
    • Pneumonia
    • Swallowing problems
    Alternative treatments
    Recovery time
    • A vocal rest for several days is instituted to allow the best healing at the level of the operated vocal cord
    Success rate
    • 97%

    Larynx problems voice

    Many reasons can lead to several voice problems, which otolaryngologists are involved in their diagnosis and treatment.

    Depending on the cause of the voice disorder, treatment may include voice therapy, medication, injections, or even surgery (total or partiallaryngectomy).

    The causes of vocal disorder

    At the base of your tongue, your voice box (larynx), which is formed of cartilage, muscle, and mucous membranes, is located above your trachea. The vocal cords producemuscular tissue's secure sounds. They are found at the trachea's commencement.

    Sound occurs when your vocal cords vibrate. This vibration comes from the air circulating in the larynx. It brings your vocal cords together, which also helps close your voice box when you swallow, preventing you from inhaling food or liquids.

    However, if your vocal cords become inflamed, have tumors, or become paralyzed, they cannot function properly. This can cause, therefore, a vocal disturbance that leads to considering a partial or total laryngectomy.

    Some vocal disorders include:

    • Inflammation in the throat
    • Dysphonia is caused by muscle tension
    • Neuroacoustic disorders, such as spastic dysphonia
    • Vocal cord polyps, nodules, or cysts (non-cancerous lesions)Precancerous lesions
    • Paralysis or weakness of the vocal cords
    • white patches called leukoplakias

    Risk factors of vocal disorders

    Many risk factors can contribute to voice disorders, including:

    • Aging
    • Alcohol abuse and smoking
    • Certain types of allergies
    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    • Diseases: colds and upper respiratory tract infections
    • Neurological disorders and Stress
    • Scars from neck surgery or trauma to the front of the neck
    • Shouting and misuse of voice
    • Throat cancer
    • Dry throat
    • Thyroid problems

    Surgical treatment of total larynx in Istanbul 

    Turquie Santé puts you in touch with a multidisciplinary medical team in the best clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. The role of this team is to diagnose and treat people with voice, breathing, and swallowing disorders or throat (laryngeal) cancer. Our medical department is dedicated with their time and effort to providing thoughtful and expert care focused on your individual needs.

    When you go to Turquie Santé to treat throat or voice disorders, you will have a full assessment by the laryngology team, which may include speech therapists with specialized training in voice and swallowing disorders. Doctors will discuss appropriate treatment options with you. Indeed, you will decide together the approach to follow.

    What is the process of total laryngeal surgery in Turkey?

    Surgery is usually performed to treat several types of malignant and benign tumors of the larynx and pharynx, and other special cases. The surgeon removes the tumor and some surrounding tissue to prevent its recurrence. Surgery may be the only treatment for some types of tumors.

    Total larynx removal Cost

    In the case of total larynx removal, an otolaryngologist removes the entire larynx to eliminate the tumor and restore lost functions through the reconstruction process. This operation may involve diverting the airway to the neck through an opening called a stoma.

    In a partial larynx procedure, the surgeon removes the tumor and some surrounding tissue and retains most of the larynx (almost total laryngectomy). In either case, treatment for laryngeal cancer after surgery may include chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    The surgeon can resort to traditional instruments such as scalpels and scissors and/or a new technique such as laser procedure, laparoscopic procedure, and microscopic surgery.  We grant you the best costs to carry out your intervention.

    Treatment of partial laryngectomy

    Partial laryngectomy is a procedure to remove medium-sized tumors that have only invaded part of the larynx. Indeed, the remaining larynx will be preserved, even rebuilt, to maintain the three functions of breathing, swallowing (the passage of food),and utterance (the voice).

    The goal of a partial laryngectomy is to completely remove the tumor while retaining enough parts of the larynx to be able to speak, breathe, and eat once recovery is achieved.

    In some cases, despite a check-up initial assessment (endoscopy, radiological assessments),this goal is impossible during the operation: the expansion of the tumor, which is observed during the operation, may require a complete resection of the laryngectomy. 

    Consequences of partial laryngectomy

    Laryngectomy is one of the joint operations that will change the general course of people's lives. Indeed, it is a dangerous operation that can lead to serious postoperative complications.

    People may, therefore, face many obstacles to full recovery. The patient should expect many challenges that he may face after the surgery. Indeed, one of the most important obstacles is the loss of the natural ability to speak, usually or lack thereof in some cases. Thus, the person may suffer from many problems related to breathing.

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