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X-ray of the chest

Radiography is a very advanced technique commonly used to examine the chest, organs, and structures in the chest (lungs, heart, major art, etc.). ; res …). This technique is used to detect the presence of an illness and determine its position, type and the treatment method.

The beginning of the x-ray of the chest:

The X-ray is indicated in several cases as  : cancer, fracture, bowel obstruction, bacterial infection and &agr; The inside of the bones, the eye, the eye ... X-rays can penetrate in the living matter and thus observe the body's interior.

This technique starts in a few steps:

  1. The discussion with the radiologist before the procedure is important for a good physical and psychological preparation.
  2. on the day of the trial, arrive a little early for a good preparation. To get rid of all the veils, remove all jewels, glasses …
  3. During operation, the radiology technician enters you into the machine and a plate that creates the digital image. It asks you to move in different positions to have a complete image.
  4. thus, the images obtained à the end of the procedure vary according to the density ó tissues crossed by X-rays.  

The risks of radiography  :

Radiology is not a painful technique and does not present a risk if it is performed once or twice. On the other hand, repeating this technique several times can damage healthy cells and cause cancer. A cataract à the skin's texture and burn in case of excessive exposure to the X-ray.

Pregnant women should inform the physician before performing radiology as it can have negative effects on felts and the same for breastfeeding.  


Radiography is a quick and easy exam that helps you to identify several health problems. But, there are several other reviews that are more useful like scanner, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Last update : 11/12/2019
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