Arteriopathy obliterans in Turkey

What is a peripheral artery disease?

Peripheral artery disease (also called peripheral vascular disease) is a disturbance of blood circulation wherein the blood flow to the legs or arms is reduced. As a result, blood does not flow adequately to your hands and feet, which can cause pain.

The vessels that provide your stomach, intestines, and kidneys with blood can be affected.

Besides, blood flow to your heart, brain, and legs may be reduced when fatty deposits are accumulated in your arteries or veins.

When you quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, and practise sports you are more likely to cure the peripheral arterial disease.

What are the symptoms of peripheral artery disease ?

Some people with peripheral artery disease may feel pain in their legs (claudication) whereas others may not have no symptoms.

Muscle pain at the level of either your legs or your arms is one of the claudication signs. It starts when you are walking or doing an activity. However, when you have a rest, that pain ceases to exist. 

Peripheral artery disease indications encompass:

  • Pain in your hips or thighs after walking or climbing stairs.
  • Tingling in the legs.
  • Your lower leg is cold in comparison with other parts.
  • Inflammation in your toes or feet.
  • The colour of the leg has changed.
  • The growth of your toenails becomes slow.

What are the causes of peripheral artery disease?

Atherosclerosis, which consists of a progressive increase of fatty deposits in the artery wall, can lead to peripheral artery disease.

Despite the fact that the focal point of atherosclerosis is heart, the whole body can be affected by this illness.

How to treat peripheral vascular disease?

The two major objectives behind curing peripheral artery disease are the following:

  • Pain can be controlled so that people can begin again their physical activities.
  • The possibility of having a heart attack will be lower when the advancement of atherosclerosis all over your body will be reduced.

How much does the treatment of peripheral artery disease cost in Turkey & Istanbul?

Turquie santé will provide you with the best techniques to treat peripheral artery disease. Experienced doctors will be in charge of performing your surgeries in the outstanding hospitals or clinics in Turkey, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, or Ankara.


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