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PRP is a rich source of autologous platelets which are anuclear cells containing alpha granules responsible for the synthesis and storage of growth factors that accelerate tissue growth. This is a real revolution in medicine, using natural factors that allow tissue rejuvenation.

Preparation of PRP

First of all, 25 ml of blood are taken from the patient while respecting aseptic technique . This sample is centrifuged for 3 minutes. This makes it possible to separate its various components and to increase the platelet concentration. The alpha granules speed up freely growth factors. Then, The PRP obtained is injected under local anesthesia. Any anti-inflammatory or anti-coagulant treatment should be stopped 3 days before application.

PRP Treatment in Turkey

Treatment with PRP in Turkey occupies an important place not only in plastic surgery but also in traumatology.


PRP is effective in the treatment of all soft tissue injuries and cartilage of the musculoskeletal system. Its use is becoming more and more widespread in sports traumatology.

  • Tendons: tenopathies that are resistant to medical treatment can be treated with PRP. The main indications are ligament rupture (patellar tendon, rotator cuff ...), Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis (calcaneal spur...).
  • Muscle damage: In case of muscle tears, the PRP associated with a well-conducted functional treatment accelerates the healing.
  • Osteoarthritis: PRP can treat cartilage degeneration during osteoarthritis.

Cosmetic surgery

The PRP in Turkey & Istanbul allows a facelift without surgery. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by stem cells of the skin to correct skin deformities and fight the signs of aging. One to 3 sessions spaced from 3 to 4 weeks apart are usually necessary.

The PRP allows to treat:

  • The skin of the face, the upper part of the chest and the wrinkled hands
  • The rings: where it has a filling effect of the valley of tears thus allowing to discolor these dark rings.
  • Stretch marks that regress under the effect of PRP.
  • The scalp where it stimulates the regrowth of softer and smoother hair.
  • Scars: acne, diabetic foot ulcers ...


The injection of PRP into the inner lining of the vagina and clitoris increases local production of collagen and elastin, helping to improve hydration of the vagina while stimulating the excitement of sexual contact. Similarly, stimulating the growth of blood vessels and nerve cells in humans allows an improvement in erection.

Dental surgery

The use of PRP occupies a very interesting place in stomatology. It can be applied for sub sinus fillings to aim pre-implant and to accelerate the healing of gingival and bone tissues. However, clinical validations of these applications are still few.

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PRP Treatment Cost in Turkey

The price of a PRP in Turkey depends on the clinic, you can request your free quote and specify your state of health in order to offer you the cheapest prices for your cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

Last update : 22/10/2019

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