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Acupuncture treatment in Istanbul, Turkey : Best prices & results

Acupuncture, an ancient practice of traditional Chinese medicine, delivers impressive results in the treatment of various health conditions. By targeting specific points throughout the body, it effectively restores the proper circulation of vital energy, providing relief from conditions such as low back pain, osteoarthritis, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, and chronic headaches.

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Joint Commission International
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Joint Commission International
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
ISO 9001:2008

Chinese acupuncture in Turkey

In traditional chinese medicine, it is believed that maintaining health and life requires proper circulation of energy, known as QI. Any disruption in this circulation could lead to illness. Acupuncture is effective in preventing various health disorders by addressing the energetic root of problems before they manifest. Therefore, regular acupuncture sessions can help prevent cluster headaches, acute asthma exacerbations, and upper respiratory infections.

In addition, acupuncture promotes a sense of physical and mental well-being, making it a good choice for those who want to maintain their health.

Acupuncture: How it works ?

Acupuncture, acupressure, cupping therapy and moxibustion are techniques that aim to stimulate energy points to provide the body with energetic information that can be used to regain balance and health. Therefore, the healing perspective of these methods is different from that of modern Chinese or Western pharmacology or herbal medicine because external substances are not administered to the body since the healing and ability is already in the body.

The biological mechanisms by which acupuncture acts are not yet fully understood by Western medicine, and there are various theories on the subject.

What can be treated with acupuncture in Turkey?

Acupuncture offers several benefits not only for the body, but also for the mind. This is a technique suitable for children, particularly for treating allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma and chronic sinusitis.

You can try such treatments to resolve any health disorder. It should be noted, however, that acupuncture is particularly effective in certain specific disorders and illnesses, such as:

  • Musculoskeletal pain in the back, knee, hip and elbow.
  • Plantar fascist.
  • Chronic headaches: acupuncture can be a therapy of first choice since it does not cause side effects.
  • Nausea, fatigue and blood changes due to chemotherapy can be treated with this technique, which is used as a palliative therapy.

Generally, acupuncture helps relieve certain gynecological ailments such as premenstrual syndrome, period irregularities and typical menopausal disorders. It is also practiced to simulate a woman's ovaries and to improve the success rate of in vitro fertilization. In some cases, Chinese needling can be performed to treat dermatitis, psoriasis and other dermatological diseases.

Duration of acupuncture session

The duration of each acupuncture session is usually one hour. Sessions take place twice a week for acute illnesses and once every 7–10 days for chronic illnesses. However, skin diseases, even chronic ones, require more sessions per week to be treated effectively.

The price of acupuncture treatment may vary depending on the number of sessions. With Turquie Santé, we collaborate with the most recognized clinics in Turkey. We negotiate for our patients the best prices and conditions to provide quality care with qualified and experienced doctors.

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