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Gastric Plication in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

All about Gastric Plication in Turkey: Cost & Reviews

Morbid obesity is a challenge for both affected people and surgeons who treat them. It is one of the most serious health condition in the world recently.

Bariatric surgeries witness a significant boom in Turkey thanks to their high success rate, low complication rate and the advanced technologies. Another kind of bariatric surgery has arisen in recent years which is called gastric plication. We will help discover this emerging intervention, its cost, its results as well as its pros and cons.

Gastric Plication Turkey

Stomach Reduction without cutting

70 percent of the stomach size can be reduced by gastric plication without ablation, as it is the case in gastric sleeve. The surgery that lasts between 1 and 2 hours is performed after making tiny cuts of 0.5 cm in the patient’s abdomen  that allow the doctor to attain the stomach and employ a small camera or a laparoscope. In order to shorten the stomach extent, the surgeon bends it through dissolvable stitches.

The restriction of the stomach is the common aspect of the gastric plication procedure and gastric sleeve. This procedure does not involve the ablation of a part of the stomach.

After the intervention, one or two days of hospitalization are required. You can undergo another bariatric surgery with Turquie Santé, such as:

Who is a good candidate for this Bariatric Surgery?

Your doctor may advise you to undergo a stomach reduction surgery if you correspond to the following description:

BMI over 30 kg/m²

Your body mass index must be equal or superior to 30 kg/m², which means you are over-weighted. This is inferior to what most weight loss surgeries require. Indeed, the BMI required in most of these surgeries is 35 kg/m² or more, associated with health problems related to obesity.

Diet & sport didn’t work for you

You have tried noninvasive treatments to lose weight, but have not achieved enough weight loss. This may include:

  • Diet;
  • Physical activity;
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy;
  • Weight loss with medications.

You have strong determination

You have shown involvement in losing weight, ameliorating your health, and changing your lifestyle habits forever. This includes respecting permanent healthy eating habits, practising physical activities and changing your daily behaviour. It will also involve assuming a lifelong need to reduce the amount of food and change food choices.

Is it possible to have this Bariatric Surgery in Turkey & Istanbul?

You have a gastric plication procedure in Turkey because it is an intervention that is available in many large cities such as Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul. You should have a thorough idea about gastric plication by asking many surgeons in order to find the most skilful one who is able to meet your expectations.

In order to be healthy, Turquie santé provides you with gastric plication that will help you fight obesity and get rid of extra kilos even for patients under 18.

From a financial point of view, gastric plication is usually the cheapest treatment of all bariatric surgeries in Turkey and Istanbul, and therefore it is an option available for people who are overweight or obese.

Gastric Plication Results and Complications: Pros & Cons

The Pros of this weight loss surgery: The Results

Several outcomes may appear after this surgery such as:

  • Weight loss is achieved
  • Small quantity of nutrition is consumed.
  • Satiation can be felt rapidly.
  • Threads may be eliminated if the doctor or patient deems it necessary
  • Stomach and digestive process continue to function normally.
  • Operation scars are barely visible.

It is important to highlight that weight loss can be maintained through following a healthy lifestyle and practising some sports activities. The expected results cannot appear quickly which may make this surgery less convincing than other types of bariatric surgery.

This restrictive procedure aims at restricting the volume of the stomach in order to reduce the quantity of food. A decline in the uptake of food cannot be caused by this surgery. Satiety can be felt exponentially and for long hours and hunger may reduce.

The Cons of this Obesity Surgery: the Complications

This intervention does not have only benefits it also may cause some complications. Gastric plication can be useless if the patient continues to eat large amounts of food which would end the surgery and its intentions.

There are several risks that are linked to gastric plication like a stomach hole, haemorrhage, and inflammation that can be experienced after any bariatric surgery. Added to that, short-term hair loss and a stomach ache are other results that may arise after this intervention. Since this new bariatric surgery is still able to demonstrate itself, long-term results cannot be determined.

Cost& Price of this Surgery with Turquie Santé

A number of fees can be included in the cost and the price of gastric plication operation such as:

  • The hospital or the clinic charges;
  • The costs of the tests;
  • The cost of anesthesia;
  • The surgeon's fees.

A customized price is offered to our patients who have had gastric surgery, cryolipolysis or tummy tuck.

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