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Gastric Band Surgery in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Gastric band surgery is a common type of weight loss surgery (bariatric) for people who are significantly overweight (obese). It's about putting an adjustable band around the top of your stomach, which means you can't eat as much. This helps you lose weight.

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Who is this procedure for?
  • Patients with a BMI bigger than 40
  • Morbidly obese patients who cannot lose weight with diet or sport
  • Patients with type 2 diabetes
Side effects
  • Blood clot
  • Allergies to general anesthesia
  • Band leakage
Alternative treatments
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastrice Balloon
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The operation lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour
Recovery time
  • Return to work 1 week after surgery
  • Back to sports activities 3 to 5 weeks after the operation
Success rate
  • 85%

How does a stomach band work?

The doctor creates a small pocket at the top of your stomach above the gastric band. When you eat, this part of the stomach becomes full immediately, making you feel full sooner than usual and longer. This reduces the amount you eat and helps you lose weight.

Your surgeon can tighten or loosen the gastric band by injecting fluid into a tube connected to the stomach band. This affects the speed at which food passes from the pocket to the bottom of the stomach. This will ensure that you are losing the right amount of weight regularly.

Successful fitting of a gastric band depends on following a healthy lifestyle after the operation, including changing your eating habits and being more active.

Long-term results of adjustable gastric band surgery

Turquie santé has shown a success rate of over 85% for the gastric band, but it should be noted that the operational monitoring program is of paramount importance for achieving such good results.

These results are also supported by the experience of 10 years of Turquie santé, confirming a very low complication rate.

Before going through Stomach Band Surgery (Gastroplasty)

It is important to understand exactly what gastroplasty is, including any complications, and what to expect next.

If you are considering having an adjustable gastric band surgery, your doctors will advise you. They will also inform you about other types of weight loss surgery you may have, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery. Your surgeon may assist you in choosing the right option.

Complications of gastroplasty

Some risks or complications may happen during and after the intervention.

Possible complications of any procedure include an unexpected reaction to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, or a blood clot. The other common complications of gastric banding are:

  • Infection around your gastric band, the tube under your skin, or one of your wounds. Your skin may appear red or tender if this happens.
  • Injury to the stomach or other nearby organs, such as the liver or spleen, during surgery.
  • Your gastric band can slip out of place, leak and deflate, or slowly work its way through your stomach wall. If any of these events occur, the ring will need to be repositioned, removed or replaced.
  • If you lose weight too quickly, you can develop gallstones. These can be painful, and you may need surgery to remove them.

What is the prices of the gastric band in Istanbul and Turkey?

So now you are probably asking yourself the following question: how much does a gastric band cost in clinics & hospitals in Istanbul Turkey? Your health is perhaps the most important thing in your world right now. However, the prices for putting on a gastric band is perhaps the most pressing issue for many overweight patients.

Contact us with the details of your chosen dates. Once we confirm the availability, we will send you a quote to secure your spot. We will also work on creating your customized and effective weight loss plan.

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Frequently asked questions

The insertion of a gastric band, also called modular band gastroplasty, is a reversible method used in bariatric surgery.
During this surgery, a band would be placed around the upper part of the stomach to reduce its size. As a result, the stomach would fill up faster, and that would give the patient a feeling of satiety. The gastric band would be connected, by a small canal, to a control box which would be placed under the skin. This box would allow the doctor to tighten or loosen the gastric band if necessary.

The advantages of the gastric band surgery are:

  • Considerable weight loss, up to 50% of excess weight;
  • Placing a gastric band does not cause digestive disturbances and does not decrease the absorption of nutrients;
  • It is a reversible technique.

During the first week, minced or mashed food would be allowed, such as mashed potatoes, compotes and thick soups.
Starting from the second week, it would be possible to eat a little more substantial foods such as cooked vegetables.
Starting from the fourth postoperative week, you would be allowed to eat small amounts of every type of food.
It is important to note that you will need to eat in small portions, and to chew the food very slowly before swallowing it.

Pregnancy is not contraindicated for women who have a gastric band around the stomach. However, it is necessary to consult the doctor in case of abdominal pain during pregnancy, regardless of its intensity.

The success rate of  gastric band surgery is 85%.

Last update : 27/05/2024

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