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All you need to know about Hip Prosthesis

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints, leading to the destruction of cartilage. It is common among women than men, caused by overweight, age advancement, trauma, and causes pain, stiffness and inflammation. Several types of treatment are proposed to treat this disease such as the hip prosthesis.

Hip prosthesis in Turkey: principle of intervention

The hip prosthesis in Turkey and Istanbul is called "intervention of last resort" that is to say that it is performed after the use of all the drug methods against osteoarthritis (painkillers, anti-inflammatories, anti-osteoarthritis ...). The intervention is performed by an orthopedic surgeon lasts one to two hours and under general anesthesia. One week of hospitalization after the operation is mandatory with a work stoppage for two months.

Rehabilitation at a physiotherapist or in a rehabilitation center is very important to get rid of crutches and regain full autonomy in walking.

What are the risks and postoperative complications of hip prosthesis

Like any operation, the hip prosthesis presents some risks and complications:

During the intervention:

  • Blood vessels and nerves that are close to the joint can be injured accidentally causing hemorrhaging.
  • Bone movements can cause fracture of bone structures.

After the intervention:

  • A hematoma can occur that requires surgical drainage.
  • An infection of the operated area should be treated with antibiotics or removal of the implant in some cases.
  • A calcification in the capsule or in the adjacent muscles may be responsible for a decrease in postoperative mobility.
  • A scar usually exists at the buttock, but in many cases it can be located on the outside of the hip.

The hip prosthesis has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of hip pain thanks to its excellent results.

What is the new Technique in Turkey and Istanbul?

Advances in surgical technology have improved longevity and recovery time for total hip replacement surgery. The latest state-of-the-art "SUPERPATH" technology consists of sparing the surrounding muscles and tendons during total hip replacement surgery. This technique builds a traditional hip implant in place without cutting muscles or tendons. In addition, this is done without having to dislocate the hip during surgery, a common element to all other hip replacement surgery techniques.

A lifetime depends on the type of prosthesis

The lifetime seems to be closely linked to the very nature of the prosthesis used. Recently, a study was carried out in Turkey on the longevity of hip prostheses, the rate of re-surgical intervention and replacement of the prosthesis.

In general, prosthetic manufacturers advertise the lifetime of about 25 years for hip prostheses. But in practice, certain criteria could affect this lifespan.

Compared to other types of hip prostheses, this study found that the best lifespan of prostheses was observed for cemented models with antibiotic presence. However, the lifespan would not be different between uncured prostheses and cemented without antibiotics.

The life of the hip prosthesis may be related to the nature of the prosthesis chosen by the surgeon.

Price in Turkey and Istanbul

The prices of the interventions in Turkey are interesting compared to the prices of the European countries namely France or Germany. Turquie Santé allows you to benefit from cheap prices for your hip surgery.

Last update : 02/04/2020
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