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Hip prosthesis in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Several types of treatment such as hip replacement are offered to treat osteoarthritis which is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints, leading to the destruction of cartilage. It is frequent in women than in men, caused by excess weight, advancing age, trauma, ... and causes pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Who is this procedure for?
  • People with chronic hip pain
  • Elderly people suffering from the effects of osteoarthritis
  • People with a severe hip fracture
  • People suffering from the effects of rheumatoid arthritis
Side effects
  • Dislocation of the hip
  • Infection
  • Fractures
  • Pains
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The operation lasts one to two hours
Recovery time
  • Back to daily activities after one week
  • Back to professional activities after 2 months
Success rate
  • 95%

The Intervention of Hip Replacement in Turkey & Istanbul

The hip replacement in Turkey and Istanbul is called "intervention of last resort". The doctor indicates this surgery in case all the drug methods against osteoarthritis did not work. The intervention is performed by an orthopedic surgeon and lasts one to two hours under general anesthesia. A hospital stay after the operation is mandatory with two months work off.

Rehabilitation with a physiotherapist or in a center is very important. This would help you to get rid of crutches and regain full autonomy in walking.

What is the new Technique?

Advances in surgical technology have improved longevity and recovery time for total hip replacement surgery. The latest state-of-the-art "SUPERPATH" technology consists of sparing the surrounding muscles and tendons during total hip replacement surgery. This technique allows the placement of a traditional hip implant, without cutting muscles or tendons.

This is done without having to dislocate the hip during surgery a common element to all other hip joint surgery techniques.

Hip replacement surgery Risks & Complications

Although it is a minimally invasive surgery, the hip prosthesis presents some risks and complications.

During the intervention

The potential complications that can occur during total or partial hip replacement procedure are:

  • Blood vessels and nerves that are close to the joint can be injured accidentally causing hemorrhaging;
  • Bone movements can cause fracture of bone structures.

After the intervention

Some of the complication may occur after the surgery, such as:

  • A hematoma can occur that requires surgical drainage;
  • An infection of the operated area should be treated with antibiotics or removal of the implant in some cases;
  • A calcification in the capsule or in the adjacent muscles may be responsible for a decrease in postoperative mobility;
  • A scar usually exists at the buttock, but in many cases it can be located on the outside of the hip.

The hip prosthesis has proved its effectiveness as the surgical treatment of hip pain. Indeed, it has excellent results and a high success rate.

If you experience any of the previous side effects, please inform your doctor.

What is the Recovery Time after a Hip Replacement Surgery?

Generally, the hip take about four weeks to heal after the hip prosthesis procedure. However, the recovery time for each patient varies according to his:

  • Previous health condition;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Age;
  • Eating habits.

What are the activities that you can practice after Hip Replacement?

After a hip prosthesis surgery, your life will not be the same. However, you will not experience any pain or discomfort.

Usually, patients will need some time before going back to their daily activities. During recovery, you have to adopt a lifestyle that can help you speed the healing process.

Although you can return to practising most of your usual activities, you may have to do them differently.

For example:

  • Avoid crossing your legs at the knees during 8 weeks after the surgery;
  • Avoid bringing your knee up higher than your hip;
  • Don't bend forward while you’re sitting;
  • Avoid picking things from the floor while you are sitting.

Price & Cost of Hip Prosthesis Surgery in Turkey : Clinics & Hospitals

The prices of the interventions in Turkey are interesting compared to the costs of the European countries namely France or Germany. Turquie Santé allows you to benefit from cheap prices of hip replacement surgery in the best clinics and hospitals in Turkey.

Our partner clinics and hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey play an important role in the medical tourism in the country. Thanks to their affordable prices, patients from all over the world are choosing turkish health centers to get high quality care.

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