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Knee prosthesis: concept and objectives

The knee is a complex joint that involves three bones: femur, tibia and patella that are united by ligaments to ensure the stabilization of the joint. Osteoarthritis can damage the knee, and medications are not always effective in treating this condition. Surgery can be the best solution: the knee prosthesis

Knee prosthesis: stop joint pain

The knee prosthesis is a surgical procedure that aims to replace, by a prosthesis, the knee or part of the knee damaged by osteoarthritis. This procedure is performed in people over 60 years of age who suffer from severe and prolonged pain. The prosthesis decision as well as the type to be used are taken by the surgeon at first, who estimates the seriousness of the situation and then by the patient. The knee prosthesis eliminates pain and ensures normal knee function.

Knee prosthesis: procedure of the intervention

The placement of prosthesis is a very important intervention that requires a lot of preparations:

  • Before the operation: a meeting with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, as well as a detailed assessment and an X-ray are required to decide the size of prosthesis to achieve.
  • Intervention: the operation usually lasts 1h30 under total anesthesia. According to the assessment already made, the surgeon chooses a prosthesis from a dozen prostheses (usually composed of 4 elements) to replace the infected area.
  • After the operation: the operated person must stay at least one week after the operation under the supervision of doctor. Rehabilitation is mandatory for two to three weeks. The resumption of activities is carried out gradually after the first month of the operation.

Postoperative complications of knee prosthesis (in the medium and long term) can be in the form of persistent pain, fracture, infection, stiffness ... but the risk of death remains very rare.

Price of a prosthesis in Turkey

The price of a knee prosthesis varies according to the age of the patient or also the clinic. To request a free personalized quote for your medical stay in Turkey, you can request a medical consultation or a tailor-made quote. Turquie Santé negotiates for you the best prices as well as the most comfortable conditions.



Last update : 02/04/2020
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