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Fibroscan in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

What is the Fibroscan?

Fibroscan in Turkey, also called transient elastography, is a rapid and non-invasive diagnostic technique that quantifies fibrosis, the degree of elasticity, and the amount of fat (steatosis) in the liver. That is why the fibroscan is neither a fibroscopy nor a scanner, contrary to what its name suggests.

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Fibroscan Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • Hepatitis patients on treatment
  • Patients with cirrhosis or liver tumors
  • Patients who have had a liver transplant
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The exam lasts 15 minutes
  • The result is obtained immediately after the examination

Why would you do a fibroscan?

The Fibroscan machine in Turkey was initially used in patients with chronic hepatitis C. Nowadays, specialists have been using it for the diagnosis of several chronic liver diseases, including:

  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • HIV-HCV co-infection
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Chronic hepatitis, such as hepatitis B or hepatitis C.
  • Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

The Fibroscan test in Turkey can also track other chronic metabolic pathologies, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes, which can sometimes be accompanied by fatty liver disease.

Moreover, Fibroscan quickly assesses liver health. It is useful in many clinical contexts such as: the diagnosis of liver disorders, the monitoring of diseases, the prevention of certain liver complications, and the estimation of disease prognosis.

The performance of the fibroscan is similar to that of blood tests in determining liver function tests, such as prothrombin and platelet levels, liver enzymes, and so on.

How’s the procedure going?

The procedure is painless and comparable to an ultrasound.

The use of transient elastography with controlled vibration is mandatory in order to measure the propagation of a shock wave in the liver and quantify its elasticity. The faster the wave diffusion is, the stiffer the liver will be. Therefore the fibrosis will become greater.

To do this, the doctor places a probe between the ribs on the surface of the skin of a person who is lying on the back, with the right arm placed behind the head. The probe generates a low frequency wave (50 Hz) that passes through the liver and returns a wave to the probe. The fibroscan machine calculates the speed and strength of this echo to measure liver elasticity.

What is the result?

The examination using the fibroscan machine does not exceed 15 minutes with an instant result.

Liver elasticity is measured in kilopascal (kPa). The obtained value is consistent with about 10 measurements and the figure is between 2.5 and 75 kPa.

In addition, depending on liver damage, elasticity scores change. The fibrosis is more or less marked, and different stages will be described below:

  • Minimal fibrosis: between 2.5 and 7 is called F0 or F1.
  • Moderate fibrosis: between 7 and 9.5 is called F2.
  • Severe fibrosis: between 9.5 and 14. It is called stage F3
  • The presence of scar tissue throughout the liver denotes entire liver cirrhosis: beyond 14. It is called stage F4.

The cost of Fibroscan in Turkey and Istanbul

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