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Anal Sphincter Treatment in Turkey: Reviews & best clinics

Anal Sphincter Repair in Turkey is the process by which surgeons repair and reconstruct damaged anal sphincter muscles. It offers excellent relief to patients suffering from fecal incontinence or anal sphincter injuries thanks to first-rate surgical techniques and post-operative care.

Anal Sphincter Repair
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    Who is this procedure for?
    • People with anal sphincter function disorders
    Alternative treatments
    • Treatment of fecal incontinence
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • It all depends on the technique used

    What is the anal sphincter?

    The anal sphincter is a ring of muscles at the end of the rectum, just before the anus. This muscle acts like a door or valve that controls the passage of stool out of the body.
    When the anal sphincter is relaxed, it allows stool to pass through the anus during defecation, and when it is contracted, it holds stool in the bowel.

    Features of the anal sphincter

    The anal sphincter consists of two parts:

    • The internal anal sphincter: This is a smooth muscle part whose contraction we do not control. It is normally closed and provides continence.
    • The external anal sphincter: This is a part of the striated muscle that we control, and that allows us to prevent inappropriate bowel movements.

    In summary, the external part gives you some control over the opening and closing of the anal sphincter. However, the internal sphincter plays a crucial role in keeping the "door" closed when there is no need to "evacuate".

    Why is it important?

    Just think of the consequences of a dysfunctional anal sphincter to understand its importance. The inability to control bowel movements can lead to fecal incontinence, which can have a serious impact on self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life.
    Proper functioning of the anal sphincter is also essential in preventing certain rectal conditions, such as hemorrhoids.

    Causes of this damage

    Several factors can lead to anal sphincter damage, including:

    • Traumatic births: Difficult births can lead to anal sphincter tears, a common problem in women who give birth vaginally.
    • Trauma: Injuries caused by accidents, falls, or medical procedures can damage the anal sphincter.
    • Diseases: Certain medical conditions, such as Crohn's disease or rectal cancer, can also damage the anal sphincter.
    • Surgery: Pelvic surgeries can sometimes affect the anal sphincter, especially if they involve rectal resection.

    Anal sphincter repair: Treatment options in Turkey

    Anal sphincter repair aims to restore muscle function and correct damage. The main treatment options in Turkey include:

    • Surgical repair: This approach involves repairing anal sphincter lesions surgically. It can be performed abdominally or perineally, depending on the severity of the lesion. Modern techniques, such as sphincterography or sphincter grafting, have produced good results.
    • Perineal re-education: For less severe lesions or after surgical repair, perineal re-education, including muscle-strengthening exercises, may be recommended to improve anal sphincter function.

    Anal sphincter grafting in Turkey

    Sphincter grafting often involves the use of tissue taken from the patient himself or, in some cases, from compatible donors. These tissues are then used to repair or replace the damaged sphincter.

    It is important to note that this surgical procedure is complex and carries associated risks. Patients considering a sphincter graft should consult a qualified specialist to discuss the benefits, risks, and possible alternatives.

    Consequences of Anal Sphincter Repair

    Anal sphincter repairin Turkey can have a significant impact on a patient's quality of life. It can restore muscle control, reduce or eliminate fecal incontinence, and allow patients to return to their daily activities with confidence.

    Anal sphincter repair is an essential medical procedure for people with damage to this vital muscle. It offers the potential to restore muscle control and significantly improve a patient's quality of life. Thanks to ongoing medical and surgical advances at our partner clinics, more and more people can regain their confidence after suffering an anal sphincter injury.

    It is important to raise awareness of this issue and encourage those affected to consult a healthcare professional to explore appropriate treatment options in Turkey.

    Anal Sphincter prices in Istanbul, Turkey

    Turquie Santé facilitates direct communication with top-tier doctors renowned for their global expertise in performing anal sphincter repair. Our network spans various esteemed clinics and hospitals in Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya, ensuring patients access to competitive rates and superior-quality care. You can effortlessly request a complimentary quote and consultation with our accomplished medical professionals by reaching out to us. 

    Our dedicated consultants at Turquie Santé prioritize swift responses, guaranteeing multiple price options.

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