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Circumcision in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the cutaneous tissue covering the glans penis (prepuce or foreskin). The procedure is fairly known to be performed on newborn boys in certain regions of the world. Circumcision after the newborn phase is also feasible, but it's a more complicated process.

For some families, circumcision is a religious ritual. The procedure can also be a matter of family tradition, personal hygiene or preventive health care. For others, however, circumcision seems unnecessary or disfiguring.

Circumcision Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • Men and children wishing to undergo the procedure for religious or cultural reasons
  • Men with balanitis
  • Men with paraphimosis
  • Men with lesions or warts on their foreskin
Side effects
  • Haemorrhage
  • Infection
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The operation lasts 30 minutes
Recovery time
  • Resumption of normal activities after 3 days
Success rate
  • 100%

The Best Clinics for Child & Adult Circumcision in Turkey: Cheap Prices

Circumcision in Turkey is practised in a religious way mainly by Jews and Muslims. Long before them, Egyptians used to practise this ritual in the days of the Pharaohs and by Christians (the Copts). The objective would be to confirm the relationship with God.

This is an operation that involves removing the foreskin which is the skin that surrounds the tip of the penis. It is an affordable procedure which is done by experimented surgeons in the best clinic in Istanbul at a cheap prices.

Circumstances of circumcision : Cost & Reviews

We can distinguish between two cases: the case of a religious practice and the case of a medical or surgical treatment. Some communities practice circumcision for hygienic reasons.

The main reason of circumcision surgery is preventing phimosis (the inability to retract the foreskin). The latter consists of a too tight foreskin that requires a medical and surgical emergency.

Currently, circumcision surgery for newborns is becoming very popular in pediatric surgery. Research studies have shown that most males in the United States are circumcised. This number differs according to the ethnicity and religious affiliation.

How do Doctors perform Circumcision Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey?

Circumcision surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. So, a consultation with the surgeon and the anaesthesiologist are obligatory. The surgeon can operate under local (injection of sedation in the corpus spongiosum) or general anesthesia.

Newborn circumcision surgery is generally performed in the hospital nursery, commonly within two weeks after birth.

Technique of Circumcision

During the surgical procedure, your baby will lie on his back with his arms and legs restrained. Then, the surgeon will disinfect the penis and surrounding area are. After that, he will inject a sedation (anaesthesia) into the base of the penis or apply it as a cream.

Finally, the doctor will bond a special holding device or plastic ring to the penis, and he will remove the prepuce. Afterward, the surgeon will apply a balm to the penis, such as Vaseline, and wrap it gently with gauze bandage. This will allow the penis to heal.

The procedure usually lasts for 10 minutes and the child can return the same day just after waking up from anesthesia.

Circumcision Surgery: Pros & Cons

Concerning newborn circumcision surgery, most doctors today agree with the importance of the surgery. However, their medical ethics dictate to inform parents of the risks and benefits of the procedure transparently.

However, several large studies showed a significant diminution in HIV in circumcised males. Also, sexually transmitted infections are rare in circumcised men compared to uncircumcised ones. This fact did not impact the decision taken by these doctors organizations. Urologists and other practitioners still recommend giving parents the choice to circumcise their child based on their predisposition and religious background.

Pros of Circumcision

Recent studies in Istanbul have shown that male circumcision can prevent transmission of the AIDS virus and sexually transmitted diseases. Also, one of the pros of circumcision is decreasing urinary tract infection.

In addition, circumcision may reduce the risk for cancer of the penis. Penile cancer occurs almost only in males with uncircumcised penis. In 5 major research analyses, no circumcised man developed penis cancer.

Cons of circumcision 

Regardless of the benefits of circumcision, the child may feel pain, the doctor has to prescribe painkillers.

Like any treatment, there is a risk of complications. The risks related to circumcision are hemorrhagic, infectious, or anesthetic.

Boys who have been circumcised are more likely to have Meatitis. This because circumcised boys’ urethral meatus is exposed and more likely to be scratched or itched than in uncircumcised males. Fortunately, there is no proof that meatitis leads to narrowing of the urethral meatus or to other complicated problems.

How to prevent the complications after circumcising my child?

A careful examination and preoperative assessment can prevent these complications. In addition, a good hygiene before, during, and after the operation is crucial. Here are some advices to prevent complications after circumcision:

  • Clean the area gently every time you change your baby's nappy.
  • If a medical dressing was applied to cover the area, change the bandage at every nappy change.
  • In case of placement of a Plastibell device, inform your doctor if it doesn't fall off within the tenth days.
  • Apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to prevent itching and inflammation.
  • Bleeding is normal, but if you notice that the blood stain is larger than a quarter, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Inform your doctor if you notice any symptoms of infection in your baby which includes:
  1. fever;
  2. significant redness;
  3. swelling;
  4. yellow discharge.

Child or Adult Circumcision Prices in Turkey: how much does it Cost?

With our accredited partner clinics and hospitals in Turkey and Istanbul, you will pay an affordable prices for a safe circumcision surgery for adults or children. Contact Turquie Santé Counselors to ask for a free customized quote to get the cost of circumcision surgery in Turkey.

Be reassured that your baby or yourself will be in the well-trained hands of the best doctors specialized in urology.

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