Treatment of vitiligo in Turkey

What is Vitiligo?

White-colored spots on the skin are the only symptom of vitiligo that affects just 2% of the total population around the world. The areas of the body that are concerned with this disease are the hands, face, and arms. Both sexes and all skin types can be affected by this disease that usually happens before the age of 20.

Vitiligo, which is not a malignant skin disease, is more apparent in the dark skin because there is a significant contrast of colors. The vitiligo may worsen the patients’ psychological and physical states. The reason behind the appearance of this kind of disease is the loss of skin pigmentation cells that are in charge of producing melanin.

What is the price of treatment in Turkey and Istanbul?

Turquie santé endeavors to satisfy its patients who suffer from vitiligo through providing the best doctors who will be able to explain the nature of the disease, provide all the possible options, and identify the course of the treatments that is required.

Turquie santé will offer you the best treatments with the cheapest prices and the greatest services. As a result, do not keep searching for an option since the treatments that are provided by Turquie santé are incomparable.

What are the types of this skin disease?

There are two basic types of this disease which are:

  • Nonsegmental vitiligo or vitiligo vulgaris develops over time. Its beginning is dominated by the appearance of simple white spots at the level of the feet, hands, and face that can be preceded by itching.  
  • Unilateral vitiligo affects a specific area of the body that is depigmented. This type is not common since it affects about 15% of our patients.

Who are the people that are more likely to be affected by this disease?

The patients who have vitiligo usually suffer from other autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes, Addison’s disease, and pernicious anemia. They represent 45% of all cases. 55% of patients have a family history with this skin disease.

A Skin graft method that allows coloring the white Spots

Dermatologists who work in clinics and hospitals in Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya employ an innovative technique that consists of eliminating discolored areas and replace them with pigmented areas  of the epidermis that are transplanted with the patient's own skin. After the surgery, the treated areas will be able to recreate melanocytes after just two months. It is important to highlight that this intervention is effective since it cures 50% of our patients.

What are the complications that may occur?

Vitiligo can stop suddenly or continue to spread in a random pace. Physical or psychological factors can lead to this skin disease. Skin cancer may develop since the depigmented areas are no longer protected from the sun's rays.

Can we consider Laser an option?

There is another effective technique that consists of employing excimer laser on the areas that are affected by vitiligo and especially on the face. The dermatologist is the only person who can determine if it is a good choice or not. The results can last between three to 7 months and some medications can be prescribed in order to enhance the success rate of this therapy.  

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