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Why Botox is used?

It is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that treats hyperephidrosis and excessive perspiration.

What are the causes of excessive perspiration in Istanbul?

Hyperthyroidism and increased nervous tension which are usually accompanied by a rise in adrenaline secretion may lead to excessive sweating. Added to that, in some cases this disease is not related to the seasons since 65% of our patients suffer from excessive sweating in winter.

The entire body or some parts such as the hands, chest, back, underarms, or feet are concerned with this disease.

What are the treatments that can be used to cure excessive perspiration in Istanbul?

Turquie santé strives to provide you with the best treatments with high success rate. One of the most used therapeutic methods is the injection of Botox in the area of the body that sweats excessively. Other cases may require surgery, creams containing Aluminum oxide hydrochloride, or even deodorants.

In order to minimize the complications caused by excessive sweating, the dermatologists in Turquie santé advise you to wear clothes made of cotton and shoes made with natural leather.

How does the treatment take place?

First of all, you must make an appointment with the doctor who carries out a complete examination. Areas of excessive perspiration, the product to be used, the amount and the injection areas are specified.
This type of treatment is prescribed for cases of excessive and pathological secretion. The injection is fast and painless. It is realized in an office or a clinic.

When to use the injections?

The Botox is injected at the rate of 2 sessions over 4 months.

What are the post-treatment consequences?

The consequences are simple. There are some pains, itching, or bruising. You may feel transitional muscle weakness, headaches, or allergy.

How is it diagnosed by dermatologists in Turkey and Istanbul?

A physical examination is delivered by dermatologists so that they will be able to diagnose this condition. It consists of looking carefully at areas of the body that are excessively sweating. A number of questions may be asked in order to help the doctor figure out the cause of excessive sweating in the patient.

Sometimes a medical examination is mandatory. Some patients necessitate a sweat test that includes painting some of their skin with purple powder when the skin becomes wet. Certain conditions may require additional medical tests.

How much does it cost in Turkey and Istanbul?

Costs include doctor's fees, prices of used products along with botulinum toxin and accommodation expenses.

With Turquie Santé, we help our patients to pay cheaper prices but not at the expense of quality thanks to our network of more than 70 clinics present in Izmir, Turkey, Ankara, Istanbul, or Antalya.





Last update : 01/04/2020
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