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Info and prices Excessive perspiration


It is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that treats hyperephidrosis, excessive perspiration, by the injection of Botox.

What is the treatment’s principle?

Botulinum toxin is the used product. The Botox blocks the stimulatory product’s secretion of the sweat glands.

Who performs Slim Lipo?

Those are usually the dermatologists who perform this treatment.

What are the particulars of Slim Lipo?

When there is an axillary, a palmar, a plantar, an inguinal, or a craniofacial  hyperephidrosis.

How does the treatment take place?

First  of all, you must make an appointment with the doctor who carries out a complete examination. Areas of excessive perspiration, the product to be used, the amount and the injection areas are specified.
This type of treatment is prescribed for cases of excessive and pathological secretion. The injection is fast and painless. It is realized in an office or a clinic.

When to use the injections?

The Botox is injected at the rate of 2 sessions over 4 months.

What are the materials used?

We inject using a needle. This is an intra-dermic injection. The dose to be injected depends on the hypersecretion position.

What are the post-treatment consequences?

The consequences  are simple. There are some pains, itching,  or bruising. You may feel transitional  muscle weakness, headaches, or allergy.

Are the results immediate?

The patient feels better just a week after the injections. In addition, the patient improves his quality of life.

Is the treatment sustainable?

It is always necessary to renew the injections to have more lasting results.

How much does it cost?

Costs include doctor's fees, prices of used products along with botulinum toxin and accommodation expenses.

With Turquie Santé, we help our patients to pay cheaper prices but not at the expense of quality thanks to our network of more than 70 clinics present in Izmir, Istanbul or Antalya.



Last update : 25/08/2019
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