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Skin graft (burns) Turkey

What is a skin graft in case of burns?

It is an cosmetic operation that consists of a removal of the epidermis to treat autologous skin damaged by burns.

How’s the operation going in Turkey and Istanbul?

The surgeon is in charge of pointing out the operation, the sampling site, and the extent. The operation takes place in an operating room using sterile equipment under general anaesthesia.

The duration of surgery depends on the position of the graft and the extent of the skin to be treated. A good preparation of the patient before the surgery (general pre-anesthetic consultation and clarification of the list of drugs in progress ...) and during the surgery (sterile conditions) and post surgical success is ensured.

Does the skin graft have any drawbacks?

The answer is yes. The surgeon may discourage you to have the skin graft for multiple reasons: 

  • Contamination of the wound.
  • Possibility of a malignant tumor.
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What are the risks?

Like any operation, there is a risk of complications:

Anesthesia-related complications

  • Respiratory complications
  • Allergy to anesthesia products
  • Wake up delay and so on.

Surgery-related complications

  • Hemorrhagic risk
  • Risk of post-operative infection
  • Risk of delayed healing
  • Risk of failure.

How to prevent these complications?

To prevent these complications, consult the surgeon. Knowing the patient’s case history and his/ her current treatment is crucial.
You must stop any treatment that interferes with coagulation.
You have to treat any local or regional concomitant infection.
Beware of possible corticosteroid therapy
A sterile dressing and adequate post-operative care are required.

What are the various techniques?

The most employed techniques of skin reconstruction for burns is auto-transplantation which consists of performing skin grafts by taking the tissue from the patient. The only disadvantage is that these grafts can leave a small scar in the area from which they are obtained.

If the burn is so deep that there is no dermal or fat tissue and if the tendons or bone are exposed, other reconstruction technique should be used such as dermal regenerator that is a type of material developed by tissue Bioengineering which helps the body regenerate a dermis with characteristics very similar to the original.

How long does it take to complete this reconstruction process?

The duration of the skin transplant depends on the initial complexity of the burn.

What should a patient do after this intervention?

After having undergone a skin graft for a burn, the patient will have to treat any scars through hydration, acupressure, use of medical silicones and creams that favor a natural healing. In the case of more serious injuries, the patient may need physiotherapy in order to favor the physical and functional recovery of the injured area.

What is the cost of skin graft in Turkey and Istanbul?

The cost of a skin transplant in Turkey and Istanbul varies depending on the patient’s condition. The more severe or extensive the damage, the higher the cost of the procedure. In order to know the price of a treatment in Euros or dinars, do not hesitate to ask for a free quote with Turquie santé.


Last update : 01/04/2020

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