PRP injection for face in Turkey

Today in the world of cosmetic medicine, there are several aesthetic treatments that are applied in order to rejuvenate the epidermis tissues, allowing the patient to achieve an optimal and lasting result over time. The psychological stress of undergoing real surgery can be avoided through performing treatments that are much less invasive by the best cosmetic doctors in Turkey and Istanbul. We will expose detailed information about the PRP technique in the area of the face that is known as vampire facial or plasma facial rejuvenation.

Who is this procedure for?

  • People wishing to revitalize and avoid wrinkles
  • Those with damaged or withered skin
  • People suffering from imperfections on the face (dark circles, scars, acne, spots ..)

Side effects

  • Swelling
  • Bruising

Intervention or treatment's duration

  • The session lasts between 20 to 30 minutes

Recovery time

  • The result is visible immediately after the session
  • After a month, the skin becomes more supple, less wrinkled and wrinkled on the surface and the skin imperfections diminish.

Success rate

  • 95%
How it works ?

What is the PRP Therapy for the Face?

The PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) technique is a treatment that is part of the aesthetic medicine that serves for the cellular regeneration of the dermis, resulting in a healthy and aesthetic improvement of the skin of the face and neck. The fundamental objectives of this revolutionary treatment are the attenuation of the signs of aging that are present on the face and the rejuvenation of cells from a physiological point of view.

Thanks to this therapy, the growth factors injected into the dermis produce the stimulation of new collagen and new cells that can slow the normal aging of the tissues. In fact, the facial skin undergoes a gradual loss of collagen, hydration, and tone which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and the crow’s feet. However, the skin can regain its strength and beauty through nourishing the tissues deeply. Therefore, this anti-aging treatment eliminates completely the imperfections present on the face thanks to the high density of growth factors that are injected into the dermis.

How is PRP Injection Therapy Performed?

PRP injection for face is carried out on an outpatient basis and without anesthesia. It is completely painless and rapid, even in the post-operative phase. Before we talk about the final injections, it is important to understand the process by which the blood taken is broken down and enriched with those elements that are useful for cell regeneration. The blood sample is centrifuged in order to separate the white and the red blood cells from the plasma, the liquid part where the platelets are.

A dose of calcium gluconate will be added to the plasma in order to cause the rupture of the platelets. The process of rejuvenation of the epidermal tissue begins, even if the results are seen concretely during the following months. Finally, to ensure that the result is effective in the long term, it remains necessary to undergo the treatment after three months, and then to pass to a single session every three years.

What are the Disadvantages of this Type of Injection?

Although the PRP technique is innovative and widely used in aesthetic medicine, there are some cases in which it is possible to face some complications.

Some patients may experience excessive swelling in the treated area, seeing themselves unable to resume normal activities for almost ten days. After PRP treatment, it is normal for small bruises to appear in the area where the various infiltrations have been applied, but they will disappear a few days after treatment.

In general, these are the only problems that could be encountered after undergoing PRP treatment for the face: nothing serious or dangerous. The swelling, even if excessive, tends to disappear in a maximum of fifteen days.

There are some recommendations to consider, such as avoiding sun exposure, sleeping on your back and refraining from drinking alcohol. In any case, if conditions are found to be abnormal by the patient, it will be sufficient to refer to the doctor who has performed the treatment so he/she can give the best indications for the healing period.

The Cheapest Cost of a Vampire Facial in Turkey and Istanbul?

The final price of the PRP facial injection depends on many factors and will be agreed upon at the first appointment with the best doctors who perform successful cosmetic surgeries in a number of clinics or hospitals in Turkey, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, and Istanbul.

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