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Skin Firming in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Does the skin in some areas of your body look less firm and youthful than before? Does the quality of the skin deteriorate with age, stress, and fatigue?

The skin of the face may sag, loses all its elasticity or suffer from wrinkles. In this case, you may consider undergoing a skin tightening treatment in Turkey and Istanbul.

Skin firming consists of a variety of devices, cosmetic products, and procedures that make the skin firmer. These techniques may include:

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Skin Firming Turkey

Skin Firming & Prevention of Wrinkles

For skin firming, it is necessary to follow the following measures:

  • Avoid UV rays from the sun as it degrades our elastic fibres;
  • Have a hormonal balance;
  • Stimulate mechanically the skin;
  • Have essential nutrients such as Omega6, Vitamins A and C.

How can I Tighten my Skin at Home?

Here are some tips and techniques for Skin Firming at Home:

  • Nourish the skin well, for firming the skin, apply at least one moisturizing cream to your skin after the shower.
  • Make a chemical scrub to rejuvenate the skin cells.
  • Exercise sports, walk 30 minutes a day, and perform bodybuilding exercises to re-create your figure

What is the Mechanical Stimulation of the Face?

Stimulating mechanically your skin consists in passing a roller on the skin with microneedles. The latter will activate the production of collagen fibres.

When done the right way and with the right measures, your skin will look youthful, in a good condition, and ageless over time. However, microneedling can damage your skin if it's not performed properly and by an authorized and skilled health professional. You may end up with scars that may last forever.

The Best Face Tightening Procedure & Neck Firming Treatment in Istanbul

Bipolar radiofrequency is a very effective method for Skin Firming to reduce the sagging of the skin of the face, neck, neckline, and parts of the body. It stimulates long-term collagen growth and tightens existing collagen fibres, giving the skin a firmer and more tense appearance. It takes about 6 to 7 sessions in a clinic or a hospital at 15 days apart and then a monthly check-up.

Cost of Laser Skin Tightening Treatment & LED lamp Photo-Rejuvenation

For skin firming, the cosmetic surgeon can use the photo-rejuvenation techniques (laser beam and LED lamp). It means that we will act on the photo-induced lesions like the Brown task and relaxation. For this purpose, the dermatologist uses laser skin tightening treatment devices or LED lamps to deliver a light that will heat the dermis.

The price of laser treatment and LED lamp photo-rejuvenation differs depending on the number of sessions needed.

What is Laser Skin Tightening Treatment?

Laser skin tightening treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. The latter consists of heating the skin with a beam of light, causing the scleroprotein to contract. This would make the skin of the face and the neck area look tighter, firmer, and less wrinkled. It also improves collagen and elastin production in the skin.

Generally, the laser skin tightening results last for 2 years. Several patients can extend their optimal outcomes with a few touch-up cares.

What is Photo-rejuvenation by LED lamp?

It is the ideal technique for skin tightening treatment and anti-ageing skin care. It is a  combination between with the microdermabrasion peel and radio-frequency.

LED Light skin tightening therapy can also be referred to as blue light or red light therapy. 

This therapy results a more youthful look and an improved skin. The LED photo-rejuvenation is often employed with other skin treatments. Added to that, patients gets an impressive improvement of their skin imperfections such as acne and wrinkles.

Which one is the Best procedure?

The most effective cosmetic procedure for tightening loose skin is laser resurfacing. It can tighten the skin and improve fine lines. It can also diminish wrinkles, and skin imperfections such as dark spots, acne and dilated pores.

However, LED light therapy does not involve ultraviolet rays, so, it is safe for frequent use. It doesn't cause burns compared to other skin firming treatments such as chemical scrubs, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. Therefore, it is the best anti-ageing treatment for patients with dark skin.

Cost of the Best Face Tightening Procedure & Neck Firming Treatment in Turkey

Among the treatments, there is also the facelift without surgery in our clinics and hospitals in Turkey. The neck firming treatment is another alternative procedure to the surgical lift.

In this treatment the dermatologist (skin doctor) uses micro-focused ultrasounds. The waves penetrate the deep structure of the skin tissue (epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis). This technique aim at tightening the loose tissues of the skin.

The cost of the best face tightening procedure in Turkey depend on the area to be treated, degree of wrinkles and the number of sessions needed. You can ask for a free personalized quote and contacting our counsellors by filling our online form.

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