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Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey is a highly developed and globally recognized industry. It is thanks to the experienced specialists who are present in the hospitals and clinics of the country that this sector has been able to have a very clear value in medical tourism in Turkey.

Why inspect Turkey for plastic surgery and beauty ?

For those who have not had the info, Turkey is extremely limited between Europe and the Middle East. Tourism in Turkey has exploded over the last twenty years and it is thanks to recognized specialists that international tourism and also medical tourism have had a chance.

The number of cosmetic surgery centers has doubled during the last decade as well as the quality of care. Thanks to this diversity, the price of beauty interventions has become very interesting compared to the rest of the world.

Price of aesthetic procedures in Turkey

The price of aesthetic operations in Turkey has fallen in recent years because of the great competition in this field. Dozens of clinics have also specialized in this type of intervention.

Turquie Santé, for its part, negotiates for its patients the best prices for aesthetic procedures in the best recognized centers and clinics in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya.

What does the Turkish Aesthetic surgeon do ?

The Aesthetic Surgeon, thanks to very fine cannulas (5 mm maximum), sucks excess fat to reshape the figure. The incisions are microscopic and hidden in the natural folds, which allows an ideal concealment of the marks.

We are also specialized in breast cosmetic surgery. We are committed to giving our patients confidence, allowing them to love their bodies and admire their intimate lives.

Last update : 23/10/2019
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Facial cares

Chirurgie Esthétique Turquie Botox
Garantie certificate

With time and aging, human skin usually loses its radiance and its complexion. In spite of  taking care of it, we cannot avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the face. Wrinkles appear as a result of regular muscular contractions of expression, usually ex..
Chirurgie IstanbulHollywood Smile

Among the criteria of beauty of our time,the smile, which can reinforce the confidence in oneself and is the first thing noticed by our entourage. A bright smile that looks like Jolia Roberts or Tom Cruise is every person's dream. So, these people are look..
Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulThe aesthetics of the lips

The aesthetics of the lips, Why? The lips are a fundamental element of the face, they play a very special role in interindividual relationships. The lips, the center of seduction and communication, play a crucial role in the attractiveness of women. To thin..
1325 €
Chirurgie IstanbulFacelift

Facial cosmetic surgery: end of wrinkles & rejuvenation of the face Age advancement and several other external factors (sun, pollution, stress ...) can cause face aging. The skin becomes thinner and relaxed, which fosters the appearance of wrinkles that has..
Chirurgie IstanbulPRP

What is PLATELET RICH PLASMA  (PRP)? PRP is a rich source of autologous platelets which are anuclear cells containing alpha granules responsible for the synthesis and storage of growth factors that accelerate tissue growth. This is a real revolution in medi..
Chirurgie IstanbulLip filling

How can one have luscious and natural lips ?  To plump the lips the cosmetic surgeon proceeds to a very fine filling of the lips. The goal is to increase the volume, hydrate, and correct a possible asymmetry and erase the ridiculous. What is hyaluronic a..
Chirurgie IstanbulNasolabial filling

Nasolabial filling: injection for filling wrinkles What's more beautiful and attractive than a beautiful face with well-drawn features and devoid of wrinkles? Thus, the beauty and youthfulness of a face are strongly linked to a shiny skin, beautiful smi..
Chirurgie IstanbulRhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, all you Need to Know about Nose Operation in Turkey The nose is in the center of the face, is considered a very remarkable part by our entourage, it is for this reason that many people seek to have a thin nose in perfect harmony with their face..
Chirurgie IstanbulRhinoplasty (with graft)

Rhinoplasty is surgery that corrects the imperfections of the nose. One or more cartilage grafts are often necessary to refine the shape of the nose and ensure its functionality. What are the Goals of Rhinoplasty in Turkey? There are two different types:..
Chirurgie IstanbulWrinkle treatment

Wrinkle treatment: anti-wrinkle methods for a beautiful face We all suffer from wrinkles in the mouth or eye because  we get older day after day. There are  several treatments needed  to have an amazing and brilliant skin again. What are the causes of..
Price on request
Chirurgie IstanbulUltherapy

Ultherapy in Turkey: a facelift without surgery Several factors can influence our face, such as the sun, pollution, as well as age progression and fatigue, which are considered to be the main causes of wrinkles. To eliminate these wrinkles and correct the r..
Price on request
Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulMidface lift

Mid facelift: all you need to know before making this decision Advancing age, with its harsh effects on different parts of the body and mainly the face, can be a source of complex for many people. As soon as the first signs of aging appear, they begin to th..
2180 €

Breast surgery

Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulBreast augmentation

Breast augmentation: the best solution for a beautiful breast The volume of the breasts greatly influences the external appearance of the person. Breasts may be too small for many reasons (limited volume loss due to pregnancy or weight loss, or significant ..
2125 €
Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulBreast lift

Breast lift or mastopexy : all you need to know Weight loss, successive pregnancies, aging, breastfeeding ... are factors that negatively influence the breast. To correct sagging breasts and improve the physical appearance of the breast, many women choose c..
1790 €
Chirurgie Esthétique Turquie breast reduction

Breast reduction: when, how and why? A big breast can be considered as a real aesthetic and physical handicap for women and can appear at puberty, after pregnancy or caused by significant weight gain. Whatever its origin, congenital or hormonal, the overwei..
Chirurgie IstanbulGynecomastia (with liposuction)

Gynecomastia, men who have breasts, is defined by a benign uni or bilateral proliferation of mammary glandular tissue. This is the consequence of a hormonal imbalance characterized by an excess of estrogen at the expense of androgens. It is a common male patho..
Chirurgie IstanbulBreast implants

Breast augmentation with the Turkish Breast Implant technique is a totally aesthetic surgical procedure designed to give a woman's breast some volume compared to the patient's body. This intervention makes it possible to remedy the problem of small ..

Body surgery

Chirurgie IstanbulAbdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

The advancement of age, successive pregnancies, variations in weight ... can negatively influence the body, relaxed muscles, the appearance of stretch marks ... That’s why people are always looking for an effective solution to eliminate this fat excess and hav..
Chirurgie IstanbulNeck lift

Neck lift: techniques and prices Advancing age is characterized by skin aging in the neck, it is more and more relaxed, as well as the relaxation of muscles that lose their tone. This wrinkled chin with an excess of skin, can annoy the person and leads him ..
Chirurgie IstanbulLiposuction

Liposuction: the Miracle Technique to have a Beautiful Silhouette Having a silhouette like Hollywood stars is every person’s dream, but the distribution of fat in different areas of the body can prevent us from achieving this goal. Nowadays, liposuction ..
Chirurgie IstanbulLaser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is a liposuction technique that uses the vibrations of high frequency ultrasound to break up fat cells. It is an innovative method to remove excess unsightly fat What is the principle of liposuction with ultrasound ? Ultrasound used at ..
Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulBrasilian buttocks

The secrets of Brazilian women to have beautiful buttocks In many countries of the world, buttocks and breasts are signs of female beauty. Having beautiful and attractive glutes that look like those of Jennifer Lopez or the most beautiful Brazilian women is..
1805 €
Chirurgie IstanbulArm lift

The lifting of the arms: the technique of repairing and aesthetic surgery With time, due to an aggressive diet, or to a pregnancy, the arm can SAG and lose its elasticity. The lifting of the arms is the best way to correct this loosening and eliminate the e..

Hair Transplant

Chirurgie IstanbulHairline Lowering

Hairline Lowering in Turkey and Istanbul: what you need to know A very broad forehead can be of genetic origin, the result of an aggressive fall of the hair or also of an old surgery on the level of the face. If the hairline of the forehead is set too high,..
Price on request
Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulBeard transplant

Beard transplant: all you need to know For a long time and until today, the beard is the outward sign of virility. Like the head and the eyebrows, the hair of the beard can have a weak growth, an insufficient distribution or can be infected by alopecia. To ..
890 €
Chirurgie IstanbulCapillary Restoration

Hair restoration, why? Hair is a precept of human hairiness . It contains hair follicles that form an immune system through rich bacteria that harbor the hair follicles that are necessary for our health. To keep a capacity of our hair, we must take care ..
Price on request
Garantie certificate

WHAT IS graft TRANSPLANTATION ? A graft transplant consists of digging hair follicles from a rich body part for implantation on a poorer part of the body. It’s for the purpose of treating baldness, but also for the densification of chest hair, beard hair, o..
Chirurgie Esthétique Turquie Treatment of hair loss

Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments Losing some hair one day, for women or men, is considered to be a normal physiological phenomenon. But when the number of lost hair becomes important, we can talk about hair loss or also called Alopecia. This disease can be ..
Price on request

Eye surgery

Chirurgie IstanbulEyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty: Plastic Eyelid Surgery in Turkey and Istanbul The advancement of time influences the different parts of the face and body, the eyelids undergo undesirable changes that influence the look that becomes tired, sad, or older. Several factors are..
Chirurgie IstanbulUnilateral blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty: cosmetic surgery of the eyelids With time passing, the skin loses its tone and shine, the appearance of bags under the eyes and wrinkles, ... give the eyes a tired appearance. These factors result from drooping upper eyelids and collapsed lo..
Price on request
Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulEye brow transplant

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey : Information to know about this Procedure The beauty of face related to the beauty of smiling, eyes, and also the shape and density of the eyebrows. Many women love the eyebrows of Cara Delevingne, but the lack of the material ..
1598 €
Chirurgie IstanbulRelex Smile

People who do not see well from a close or far away distances encounter many problems in everyday life such as computer work, sports, driving ... They are forced to wear glasses or lenses to correct vision. Fortunately, this is a thing of the past, because las..
Chirurgie IstanbulLasik eye surgery

What is Lasik eye surgery ? Lasik is an abbreviation of Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis . It is refractory surgery of the cornea to correct vision. What are the indications for lasik? Myopia farsightedness Congenital or acquired astigmati..
Chirurgie IstanbulLaser Eye Surgery

Eye surgery, ophthalmology between the curative and the aesthetic Eye Surgery is an area that covers   both remedying an eye disease, but also making use of the last few years for the charm and beauty of the eyes. the aesthetics of the eyes. This charm giv..
Price on request

Ear surgery

Chirurgie IstanbulProtruding ears (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty: what you need to know about Surgery of the Prominent Ears The ears that stick out are a very common phenomenon in all the world, for example in Turkey, there is 5% of the population suffering from this abnormality. They can be the source of complex..
Chirurgie IstanbulTympanoplasty

The tympanum is a very thin membrane located between the outer ear and the middle ear. Being very fragile, it can be pierced. Causes of perforation otitis media especially recurrent or mechanical or barometric injuries (scuba diving, explosion ...). Perforatio..


Chirurgie IstanbulDermabrasion

Dermabraison is an aesthetic treatment practiced in Turkey for about ten years. It consists in eliminating the superficial layer of the skin up to the superficial dermis or more deeply according to the defects to be corrected. Thanks to the phenomena of natura..
Chirurgie IstanbulLaser tattoo removal

Today, tattooing is requested by a large number of people around the world (women, men, young people, the least young ...). At the same time, claims for tattoo removal are increasing, especially in recent years, and the reasons differ from one person to anothe..
Chirurgie IstanbulLaser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal The appearance of hair is a quick way after each hair loss can be dangerous for many women. So, despite it diversity classic hair removal methods (hair removal, waxing, etc), they are unable to remove hair permanently or for a long time. ..
Chirurgie Esthétique Turquie Chemical scrub

The skin requires care to keep its purity and brightness. This organ is particularly sensitive to the aging process and early dehydration, sadness, fatigue and environmental harms. In this context, chemical scrub can prevent all these unwanted effects and get ..
Price on request
Chirurgie IstanbulLaser Skin Renewal

Laser skin resurfacing: the information needed to know Each person's life can carry many types of events: unprotected sun, accidents, hormonal changes, aging ... and all can leave traces and scars on the skin. Laser resurfacing is one of the most popular ..
Price on request

Intimate surgery

Recommanded Chirurgie IstanbulPenis enlargement

Penis Enlargement in Turkey and Istanbul, Why Should it be done? Penis consists of a spongy body that is responsible for the ability to create an erection. The size of the penis in general, at an importance to satisfy the sexual need of a woman and for orga..
2600 €

Dental care

Chirurgie IstanbulLaminate veneers

 Layered veneering consists of a coating of the teeth. This is a dental treatment that is performed in a practice or clinic.  The dental veneer serves to mask the defects of the visible teeth (incisors, canines or premolars). It helps to improve the alignme..

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