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What are the basic purposes of genioplasty?

Genioplasty or mentoplasty in Turkey intends to reposition the chin when it is too forward, too backward, too high or not high and/or asymmetrical.

Genioplasty is sometimes associated with jaw surgery (maxillary and/or mandibular osteotomy) or rhinoplasty as part of profiloplasty.

How is the procedure done?

The operation in Turkey is undertaken under general anesthesia after a pre-anesthesia consultation.

In most cases, the chin is approached by incisions of the oral mucosa (no external scars). The surgeon cuts the chin below the teeth so that it can be moved in the intended direction before the procedure. Then, the bone fragments are fixed by steel wires or titanium mini-plates (osteosynthesis). Stitches are placed in the mouth. They disappear in 2 to 4 weeks or are removed in consultation.

Several techniques make it possible to back a protruding chin: the surgeon can remove excess fat and fatty tissue, file the lower edge of the mandibular bone, or cut the excess bone (osteotomy) then reattach the front part of the chin.

For receding chin surgery, there are also different methods:

The implant: the prosthesis is concealed by the thickness of the fat and muscles of the chin.

Chin advancement osteotomy: the surgeon cuts the bone of the chin to create a bone fragment that is then advanced and secured in the desired position using metal plates and screws.

Bone graft: The surgeon collects the necessary graft from the nose when doing profiloplasty (nose and chin surgery) or elsewhere.

Usual outcomes

Genioplasty results in a small scar under the chin when an incision is made under it. In the case of an oral incision, the scar is larger but completely hidden.

In the first few days after genioplasty, moderate pain may be associated with edema or bruising.

In the case of a genioplasty that takes the mouth as the primary line, it is normal to feel discomfort for food during the first few days (liquid foods should then be preferred). After a cosmetic surgery of the chin, the work can be resumed after a week of convalescence. Avoid any activity that could cause a chin shock for at least six weeks.

The result of a genioplasty can be perceived when the edema completely disappears (usually between 2 and 4 weeks). The result can be considered definitive after a month and a half in the case of a protruding chin and three months in the case of a fleeing chin.

Apart from the risks inherent in all surgical procedures, a chin surgery with implant placement presents two specific but rare risks: on the one hand, the implant can move, on the other hand, scar retraction (or capsular contracture) can change the shape of the chin. In both cases, it is necessary to perform another surgery.

Post-operative care

Excellent dental hygiene is essential. Mouthwash will be prescribed. After each meal, the teeth and gums should be cleaned with an ultra-soft brush. A dental jet can also be used. The pain is moderate and disappears within a few days after taking some medicine. Ice pockets wrapped in a cloth (not directly on the skin) reduce swelling and pain.

Price of genioplasty in Turkey and Istanbul

Do you have an unpleasant profile? Do you feel that the chin is not positioned well enough on your face? You probably need a genioplasty or chin surgery. So, improve the aesthetic aspect of your chin and opt for a genioplasty with Turquie santé at exceptional prices for a natural result in clinics or hospitals in Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya.

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The cost of treatment depends on a variety of factors that vary from hospital to hospital. The type of surgery you are going to have and the experience of your surgeon should be taken into consideration.

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