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DUNYAGOZ Ankara Clinic

Ankara, Turkey
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Dünyagöz clinics are simply the best address in Turkey and even in Europe, with their clinics based in Frankfurt (Germany) and Amsterdam (Holland). This specialized group in ophthalmology is ISO 9001-2008 certified as well as the famous American JCI accreditation.

 He treats more than 20,000 international patients per year, with the highest success rate in Turkey. The clinic also has an international office dedicated to patients to deal with all inquiries, with staff speaking all languages.

 The clinic has a large team of highly qualified doctors and professors, many of whom have studied in the United States or Germany or are members of international medical boards and organizations.

All about Dünyagöz Hospital Ankara : Reviews 

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group, specialized group in ophthalmology, which began a new era in Turkey with branch hospital services, now has 21 branches in 12 provinces across the country, including Ankara, and provides services in 9 different countries. As a result, it has expanded its brand awareness and service network internationally.

Branches of Dünyagöz Hospital Ankara

Dünyagöz Ankara - Tunus 

Dünyagöz Kavakldere is the first branch of Dünyagöz Hospitals Group in Turkey's capital city, located on Tunus, one of the busiest streets in Ankara. Dünyagöz Kavakldere first opened its doors in March 2009, and it now operates out of a 17-story edifice with modern elements and equipment.

Dünyagöz Kavakldere offers diagnostic and treatment services in all eye-related branches 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with rooms as comfortable as a 5-star hotel and a spacious layout in which each branch has its floor. It also has a colorful kids' playroom where children can have fun while their parents are being examined. Children can watch cartoons or play games that enhance their hand skills in this space. 

For those who drive to their appointment, Dünyagöz Kavakldere offers parking and valet services; there is also a nice restaurant for those who need to rest.

Dünyagöz Ankara - Sincan 

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group inaugurated its Sincan branch in June 2015, consistently upgrading its quality standards and making new investments every year to extend its services to a wider audience. Dünyagöz Sincan, which has a modern building with every sort of technical infrastructure, provides diagnostic and treatment services in all eye-related areas, thanks to its skilled medical personnel and team, which has handled thousands of cases.

Dünyagöz Sincan aspires to provide solutions to ocular and periocular health issues to the patients with its friendly team and observation rooms constructed with every aspect of comfort.

Dünyagöz Ankara - Keçiören

Since December 2015, Dünyagöz Keçiören in Ankara has been at your service with hundreds of different treatment methods in all eye-related areas. 

Dünyagöz Keçiören clinic is a specialist healthcare center with a wonderful staff dedicated to providing excellent medical care and ensuring that our patients have a positive experience.

Dünyagöz Hospital Ankara & medical tourism 

Turkey has quickly and efficiently attained world standards in the field of medical treatment as a result of its Health Transformation Program over the last decade. Dünyagöz Hospitals Group is one of the top famous clinics in Turkey that follow a national certification system and are assessed twice a year by the Turkish Ministry of Health to verify quality, safety, and service standards.

Quality certifications

Doctors, Price & Reviews Hospitals in Turkey ISO 9001:2008
ISO 9001:2008
Doctors, Price & Reviews Hospitals in Turkey International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

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Among our doctors

Assoc. Prof. Volkan Hürmeriç
Assoc. Prof. Volkan Hürmeri..
Specialties: Ophthalmology
Prof. Akif Özdamar
Prof. Akif Özdamar
Specialties: Ophthalmology
Assoc. Prof. Levent Akçay
Assoc. Prof. Levent Akçay
Specialties: Ophthalmology
Prof. Canan Gürdal
Prof. Canan Gürdal
Specialties: Ophthalmology
Op. Kubilhan Elmas
Op. Kubilhan Elmas
Specialties: Ophthalmology

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